EU Citizenship, Nationality and Migrant Status

An Ongoing Challenge


In EU Citizenship, Nationality and Migrant Status: An Ongoing Challenge, Kristīne Krūma offers an account of the regulation of nationality at international, EU and national (Latvian) levels. Growing global migration and multiple individual loyalties lead to a fusion of national identities traditionally preserved by the EU Member States.
Dismantling national borders and granting directly effective rights to EU citizens broadens our understanding about belonging only to the limited territory of a single State. The primary focus is the status of the EU citizenship, which has become a meaningful status capable of satisfying claims by citizens. The Latvian example shows that migrant status cannot be ignored because of the crucial role of migrants in the future construct of the EU.

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Kristīne Krūma, LL.D. (2012) Lund University, is visiting lecturer at the Riga Graduate School of Law, a Judge at the Latvian Constitutional Court and member of the Council of Europe European Commission against Racism and Intolerance and academic network on asylum and immigration ‘Odysseus’. She has published articles on citizenship, immigration and integration. Recently she has become a member of the Scientific Committee of the the Fundamental Rights Agency of the EU.
Acknowledgments; Abreviations;
Part I Introduction:
1.The Problem; 2. Methodology; 3. Terminology;
Part II Nationality Regulation in International law:
4.Concept of Nationality in International Law; 5. Access to Nationality; 6. Results of Conflicts of Nationality Laws; 7. Human Right to Nationality; 8. Function of Nationality; 9. Summary;
Part III Regulation of European Union Citizenship:
10. Concept of EU Citizenship; 11. Access to EU Citizenship; 12. Functions of EU Citizenship;
Part IV Statuses of Immigrants in EU Law:
13. Concept of Legal EUImmigrant; 14. Access to EU Immigrant Status; 15. Funcions of EU Immigrant Status; 16. Integration Requirements; 17. Summary;
Part V Case Study on Nationality Regulation in Latvia:
18. Concept of Latvian Citizenship; 19. Access to and Loss of Latvian Citizenship; 20. Concept of Non-Citizen; 21. Access to and Loss of Status of Non-Citizen; 22. Function of Non-Citizens; 23. Integration of Non-Citizens; 24. Summary;
25. International Concept of Nationality and Concept of EU Citizenship; 26. Functions of Nationality in International and EU Law; 27. Status and Rights of Immigrants; 28. Latvian Citizenship and Non-Citizen Status; 29. EU Citizenship, Nationality and Immigration: Outlook;
All those interested in EU citizenship, regulation of nationality in international law, migrant statuses in EU law. In addition the volume includes useful references to the Latvian case study.