Immunities in the Age of Global Constitutionalism

The law of immunity of states, of international organisations, and of public officials is one of the most important and most controversial topics of international law. The book consists of five parts: ‘State Immunity – National Practice’; State Immunity before the ICJ – The case Germany v Italy; ‘Commercial Activities and State Immunity’; ‘Immunity and Impunity’; and ‘Immunities of International Organisations’.
Although immunities are in principle firmly anchored in international law, their precise legal implications are often unclear. The book takes up a number of new trends and challenges in this field and assesses them within the framework of global constitutionalism and multilevel governance.

Contains chapters in both English and French.

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Anne Peters, (1964) Director at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law, Heidelberg and Professor at the Universities of Heidelberg (Germany) and Basel (Switzerland). Member of the Venice Commission. Her main research topic is public international law, especially constitutionalisation, global governance, human rights and animal law.

Evelyne Lagrange, Professor of Public Law at the University Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne. Her main field of research is international law and comparative law, with a special emphasis on the law of international organizations. She has been active in French-German academic encounters.

Stefan Oeter, (1958) Professor for Public Law, European Community Law and Public International Law at the University of Hamburg. President of the Historical Commission of the International Society for Military Law and the Laws of War. His research covers especially minority rights and IHL.

Christian Tomuschat, (1936) Professor emeritus of Public International Law and European Law at the Humboldt University in Berlin and a former member of the UN Human Rights Committee and the UN International Law Commission. He has published extensively in public international law.
List of Contributors;
Preface Alain Pellet and Daniel Thürer;
1 Immune against Constitutionalisation? Anne Peters;
Part One: State Immunity – National Practice
2 L’immunité souveraine de l’État : la pratique française Pierre Boussaroque and David Lemétayer ;
3 Sovereign Immunities of States: a German Perspective Martin Ney;
4 Current Polish Practice in the Domain of State Immunity Wladyslaw Czaplinski ;
5 The Holy See, a Former Somalian Prime Minister, and a Confiscated Pissarro Painting: Recent US Case Law on Foreign Sovereign Immunity Thomas Giegerich;
6 La renonciation par un État à son immunité d’execution Mathias Audit ;
Part Two: State Immunity before the ICJ – the Case Germany v. Italy
7 The Case of Germany v. Italy before the ICJ Christian Tomuschat;
8 Remedies of Victims of War Crimes and Crimes against Humanities: Some Critical Remarks on the ICJ’s Judgment on the Jurisdictional Immunity of States Michael Bothe;
9 L’affaire Allemagne contre Italie ou les dilemmes du droit et de la justice Jerzy Kranz;
Part Three: Commercial Activities and State Immunity
10 Blurring Boundaries between Sovereign Acts and Commercial Activities: A Functional View on Regulatory Immunity and Immunity from Execution
Anne van Aaken;
11 Immunity and Sovereign Bonds Jürgen Bröhmer;
12 Gel des fonds des banques centrales et immunité d’execution Jean-Marc Thouvenin;
Part Four: Immunity and Impunity
13 Immunité et souveraineté dans l’arrêt de la Cour internationale de Justice dans l’affaire Immunités juridictionnelles de l’État Andrea Gattini;
14 Serious Human Rights Violations as Potential Exceptions to Immunity: Conceptual Challenges Robert Uerpmann-Wittzack;
15 Immunity of State Officials and the Obligation to Prosecute Pierre d’Argent ;
16 The Case-law of the European Court of Human Rights on the Immunity of States Theodor Schilling;
Part Five: Immunities of International Organisations
17 Immunités, responsabilisation des organisations internationales et protection des droits individuels Laurence Boisson de Chazournes ;
18 Les immunités de l’Union européenne Isabelle Pingel;
19 Immunités des organisations internationales : développements récents à la Banque des Règlements Internationaux Pierre Panchaud and Jean Abboud;
20 Quelques réflexions sur les immunités des organisations internationales Rémi Cèbe;
Part Six: Conclusions
21 The Law of Immunities as a Focal Point of the Evolution of International Law Stefan Oeter.
All interested in legal scholarship and practice concerning state immunity in the context of global constitutionalism. Teachers of international law, students, members of foreign affairs departments, staff of international organizations, lawyers working in NGOs, governmental legal services.
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