Journey and Topography


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This book presents the English translation of a travelogue by an Armenian intellectual of the end of the 19th century. Originally written in a variety of non-normative Western Armenian, it serves as a valuable repository of highly important and unique data on the ethno-demography of the historical region of Dersim, the traditional habitat of Armenians and the Zaza people. The account vividly portrays the urban and rural settlements, their precise topography, and the enchanting landscape of mountains and rivers, which hold a significant place in the folk imagination and sacral world of the highland dwellers.

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Gohar G. Hakobian, Ph.D. (2022) in Iranian Comparative linguistics, is currently working on the research projects “Etymological Dictionary of Persian” and “Armenian Elements in Kurdish and Zaza,” at the Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian-Armenian (Slavonic) University (Yerevan), as well as on the project “The Original Toponyms of Dersim,” at the Institute for Empirical Linguistics, Goethe University of Frankfurt am Main".
Academic staff of the Institutes, specialising in Iranian, Turkic, and Armenian Studies and generally Near Eastern Studies; individuals with a general interest in the history and ethnography of the Anatolia-Caucasus-Iran region.
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