Ennominae II

(Boarmiini, Gnophini, additions to previous volumes)


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Final part of The Geometrid Moths of Europe concluding the revision of the European Ennominae moths, covering a total of 181 species plus 21 species of Geometridae found in Europe since publication of previous volumes. Several difficult genera such as Charissa, Psodos, Sciadia, Nychiodes, Selidosema, Peribatodes and the Tephronia complex are covered. Four new species are described, and the fauna is richly illustrated by 1116 specimens in 30 colour plates, 131 genitalia plates and numerous text-figures highlighting diagnostic features. For each species a taxonomic summary, description and diagnosis, distribution map, biology and genetic data are provided. Over 140 taxonomic changes are proposed. A systematic, annotated checklist with synonyms is provided, which summarises the entire Geometridae fauna of Europe (999 species) and adjacent regions.

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Bernd Müller, Doctor of Engineering (Electrical Engineering) from Technical University of Ilmenau. He is a private researcher specialized in Geometridae since 1968. Co-author of several entomological books and author of several entomological publications.
Sven Erlacher started collecting butterflies and moths at the age of 11. Since 2006 he has worked as a research entomologist at the Natural History Museum of Chemnitz and is author of numerous papers on the biology and taxonomy of Geometridae.
Axel Hausmann, PhD in zoology (1990) from University of Munich. He leads the entomology department at the Bavarian State Collection of Zoology, Munich. His research focuses on DNA barcoding and integrated taxonomy of Geometridae at the global scale.
Hossein Rajaei, PhD in zoology from University of Bonn (2012). He is curator of the Lepidoptera collection in Natural History Museum of Stuttgart, author of over 50 scientific publications, mainly on phylogeny and taxonomy of the Geometridae.
Pasi Sihvonen, PhD (2003) and docentship in zoology and evolutionary biology (2016) from University of Helsinki. He leads the entomology team at Finnish Museum of Natural History. His research focuses on the phylogeny and taxonomy of Geometridae at the global scale.
Peder Skou, private researcher specializing in Geometridae since the mid 1960’s. Educated accountant, since 1984 publisher of entomological books. A leading field worker in the European Geometridae and author of several books on Geometridae.

Preface 7
Abstract 9
Acknowledgements 15
Introduction 21
Methodological notes 23
Abbreviations 27
Systematic Account 29
Tribus Abraxini (part): Addition 29
Tribus Cassymini (part): Addition 40
Tribus Macariini (part): Addition 49
Tribus Prosopolophini Warren, 1894 (part): Addition 52
Tribus Gnophini Duponchel, 1845 58
Tribus Boarmiini Duponchel, 1845 253
New species for the fauna of Europe after publication of the previous volumes 519
Index to scientific names 559


Colour plates 567
Genitalia plates 629
Appendix 1. Data of the microscopic preparations shown in male genitalia plates 761
Appendix 2. Data of the microscopic preparations shown in female genitalia plates 779
Revised, annotated systematic checklist of the Geometridae of Europe and adjacent areas, Vols 1–6 795
References 873
Index to scientific names 903
All interested in identification, biodiversity, biology, conservation and taxonomy of European Geometridae moths, including professional researchers, amateurs, and an essential work for institutes, entomological societies, libraries and museums.
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