The Temple Complex at Horvat Omrit

Volume 2: The Stratigraphy, Ceramics, and Other Finds


Horvat Omrit is a Roman period sanctuary complex in northern Israel with well-preserved temple architecture. This report presents artifacts recovered in the temenos excavations from 1999 to 2011. The volume begins with a discussion of the excavated stratigraphy, the major building phases, and the dates associated with them. Subsequent chapters examine Hellenistic and Roman ceramics, lamps, terracotta figurines, wall paintings and frescoes, coins from the Roman and medieval periods, a dedicatory pavement inscription, a 3rd-century BCE Aramaic inscription, faunal remains, jewellery, an 8th-century BCE cylinder seal, a marble sphinx, a stucco relief, and a small, inscribed altar. An appendix associates the catalogued artifacts with their stratigraphic locations. Altogether the artifacts contribute to the archaeology and history of a diverse Galilee.

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J. Andrew Overman, Ph.D. (1989) Boston University, is the Drake Distinguished Professor in Art History and the Humanities at Macalester College. He has excavated numerous sites in northern Israel and the Black Sea.

Daniel N. Schowalter, Th.D. (1989) Harvard University, is Emeritus Professor of Classics and Religion at Carthage College in Kenosha, WI. He also digs at Mandeure, a Roman theater/sanctuary in eastern France, and studies Roman religion at sites around the Mediterranean.

Michael C. Nelson, Ph.D. (2001), University of Toronto, is an Associate Professor of Greek and Roman Art and Archaeology at Queens College. He published Volume 1 which presented the architecture of the three Roman period temples.
Preface, Excavation Methodology, and Nomenclature
List of Tables, Figures and Plates

J. Andrew Overman

1 The Stratigraphy
J. Andrew Overman, Daniel N. Schowalter, Michael C. Nelson, and Nanette Goldman

2 The Hellenistic and Roman Pottery
Débora Sandhaus

3 The Lamps: Catalog and Discussion
Renate Rosenthal-Heginbottom

4 The Terracotta Figurines
Adi Erlich

5 Wall Painting Remains in Horvat Omrit: Final Report
Silvia Rozenberg

6 The Coins from the Temple Excavations at Omrit
Gabriela Bijovsky

7 An Inscription on the Paving of the Omrit Temple Complex
Daniel N. Schowalter

8 A Fragmentary Aramaic Inscription from the 3rd Century BCE
Hagai Misgav

9 Sacrificial Holocaust: The Faunal Remains from the Roman Temple Excavations at Omrit
Rachel Hesse

10 Jewelry from the Temple Area
Tziona Grossmark

11 A Roman Sphinx Statue from Omrit
Tali Sharvit

12 A Neo-Assyrian Cylinder Seal from Horvat Omrit Dated to the Reign of Sargon II (721–705 BCE)
Baruch Brandl and Tziona Grossmark

13 A Stucco Relief
Adi Erlich

14 The Zeus Altar
Emily Prosch

Appendix: Square Stratigraphy and Associated Material Culture
Professionals and laypeople interested in the archaeology and history of northern Israel, experts studying specific artifact categories such as ceramics and coins, and all students of Roman religion and culture.
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