War Finance and Logistics in Late Imperial China

A Study of the Second Jinchuan Campaign (1771–1776)


Author: Ulrich Theobald
In his book War Finance and Logistics in Late Imperial China, Ulrich Theobald shows how the Qing dynasty (1644 – 1911) overcame the tyranny of logistics and successfully enlarged the territory of its empire. A detailed analysis of the long and expensive second Jinchuan war (1771 – 1776) in Eastern Tibet demonstrates that the Chinese state ordered its civilian officials as well as the common people, merchant associations, and different ethnic groups to fulfil and to foot the bill for the “common cause”. With increasing military success the state gradually withdrew from its responsibilities, believing that a War Supply and Expenditure Code (Junxu zeli) might offset the decreasing skill in and readiness to imperial leadership.

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Ulrich Theobald, Ph.D. (2009) in Chinese Studies, Tübingen, is a Lecturer for Chinese History and Classical Chinese at Tübingen University. He has published on military labour, border peoples, and Chinese empresses, and owns the online encyclopedia www.chinaknowledge.de.
All interested in the military, social, and economic history of the Qing empire, but also anyone concerned with the practical organisation of military campaigns in the past.