Anglo-German Scholarly Networks in the Long Nineteenth Century


Anglo-German Scholarly Networks in the Long Nineteenth Century explores the complex and shifting connections between scientists and scholars in Britain and Germany from the late eighteenth century to the interwar years. Based on the concept of the transnational network in both its informal and institutional dimensions, it deals with the transfer of knowledge and ideas in a variety of fields and disciplines. Furthermore, it examines the role which mutual perceptions and stereotypes played in Anglo-German collaboration. By placing Anglo-German scholarly networks in a wider spatial and temporal context, the volume offers new frames of reference which challenge the long-standing focus on the antagonism and breakdown of relations before and during the First World War.

Contributors include Rob Boddice, John Davis, Peter Hoeres, Hilary Howes, Gregor Pelger, Pascal Schillings, Angela Schwarz, Tara Windsor.

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Dr. Heather Ellis (DPhil., Oxford University, 2009) is Senior Lecturer in History of Education at Liverpool Hope University. She has published widely in the history of education including Generational Conflict and University Reform: Oxford in the Age of Revolution (Brill,2012).

PD Dr. Ulrike Kirchberger teaches modern history at the University of Kassel. Her most important publication on Anglo-German relations in the nineteenth century is Aspekte deutsch-britischer Expansion: Die Überseeinteressen der deutschen Migranten in Großbritannien in der Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts (Stuttgart 1999).
"important book [...] Heather Ellis gets the volume off to a strong start with an impressive study of Anglo-German collaboration in classical scholarship in the eighteenth century" H. S. Jones (University of Manchester), History of Education, 47:4: 568-570 "This interesting collection of ten essays, based on papers given at a Berlin conference in 2011, takes up anew the subject of relations between Germany and Great Britain in the spheres of science, scholarship, and education over the “long” nineteenth century [...] It does provide [...] a multifaceted, problem and source-minded, and readable survey and encourages further exploration into a truly entangled topic."
- Marc Schalenberg, in: Isis, Volume 107, Number 1, March 2016, pp. 204-205.
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List of Contributors

Ulrike Kirchberger


Enlightened Networks: Anglo-German Collaboration in Classical Scholarship
Heather Ellis

Higher Education Reform and the German Model: A Victorian Discourse
John Davis

Intersecting Anglo-German Networks in Popular Science and their Functions in the late Nineteenth Century
Angela Schwarz

German Methods, English Morals: Physiological Networks and the Question of Callousness, c.1870-81
Rob Boddice


Anglo-German Networks of Antarctic Exploration around 1900
Pascal Schillings

Anglo-German Anthropology in the Malay Archipelago, 1869-1912: Adolf Bernhard Meyer, Alfred Russel Wallace and A. C. Haddon
Hilary Howes


Wissenschaft des Judentums and Jewish Cultural Transfer in Nineteenth-Century Anglo-German Networks
Gregor Pelger

“Intercourse with Foreign Philosophers”: Anglo-German Collaboration and the British Association for the Advancement of Science, 1870-1914
Heather Ellis


Idealism as Transnational War Philosophy, 1914-1918
Peter Hoeres

Rekindling Contact: Anglo-German Academic Exchange after the First World War
Tara Windsor
All interested in the history of Anglo-German relations, the history of science and scholarship, and cultural identity. Anyone interested in network theory and its application to the study of history.
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