Constructing Marxist Ethics

Critique, Normativity, Praxis


Does Marxism possess an ethical impulse? Is there a moral foundation that underpins the Marxist critique of capitalism and the vision for social progress? The essays collected in Constructing Marxist Ethics: Critique, Normativity, Praxis argue that there is such an ethical grounding for Marxist theory. The essays, each from different vantage points, construct what a Marxian ethics should look like: what kind of values should be at the heart of the Marxian enterprise. Contributors are: Dan Albanese, Paul Blackledge, Bob Cannon, Tony Burns, Ian Fraser, Ruth Groff, Wadood Hamad, Christoph Henning, Peter Hudis, Lauren Langman, George E. McCarthy, Sean Sayers, Michael J. Thompson, and Lawrence Wilde.
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Biographical Note

Michael J. Thompson, Ph.D. is Associate Professor of Political Theory in the Department of Political Science, William Paterson University, USA.

Table of contents

Acknowledgments List of Contributors Introduction PART I: MARXIST HUMANISM AND ETHICAL MODELS 1. The Marxian Roots of Radical Humanism Lawrence Wilde 2. The Idea of the “Struggle for Recognition” in the Ethical Thought of the Young Marx and its Relevance Today Tony Burns 3. Political Economy and the Normative: Marx on Human Nature and the Quest for Dignity Lauren Langman and Dan Albanese 4. Art as Ethics: The Aesthetic Self Ian Fraser PART II: CRITICAL PERSPECTIVES ON RIGHTS AND JUSTICE 5. Reclaiming Marx: Principles of Justice as a Critical Foundation in Moral Realism Wadood Y. Hamad 6. Marx as a Critic of Liberalism Sean Sayers 7. Marx, Modernity and Human Rights Bob Cannon 8. Last of the Schoolmen: Natural Law and Social Justice in Karl Marx George E. McCarthy PART III: TOWARD A THEORY OF MARXIST ETHICS 9. Philosophical Foundations for a Marxian Ethics Michael J. Thompson 10. Political Economy with Perfectionist Premises: Three Types of Criticism in Marx Christoph Henning 11. G.A. Cohen and the Limits of Analytical Marxism Paul Blackledge 12. On the Ethical Contours of Thin Aristotelian Marxism Ruth Groff 13. The Ethical Implications of Marx’s Concept of a Post-Capitalist Society Peter Hudis Index


Readers interested in this book will be those following Marxist theory and philosophy, critical social theory, critical theory, moral philosophy, ethical theory and political theory.