The Laws of the Hittites

A Critical Edition


The first critical edition of the Hittite laws since 1959, containing much new textual material. Presents manuscripts in the "score" format, distinguishing Old Hittite from later copies, and based upon a fresh collation of the original tablets. The commentary examines the linguistic, jurisprudential and cultural aspects of the laws against the background of the entire Hittite textual corpus, archaeological data, and other Ancient Near Eastern law corpora. In addition the volume contains a concordance of the manuscripts, an analysis of the palaeographic and linguistic criteria used in dating the manuscripts, a glossary of words occurring in the laws, identifying both law number and manuscript where each occurrence is found, indexes of Hittite, Sumerian and Akkadian words, of ancient texts cited, and of topics mentioned. Photographic plates of Old Hittite copies are also included.
Biographical Note
Harry Angier Hoffner, Jr., Ph.D. (1963) in Mediterranean Studies, Brandeis University, is the John A. Wilson Professor of Hittitology at the Oriental Institute of the University of Chicago and co-editor (with H.G. Güterbock) of the Hittite Dictionary ( Chicago, 1979-). He has published extensively on Hittite language and literature. His Ph.D. dissertation was on the Hittite laws.
Review Quotes
' ...the work is an incomparable price of scholarship, through its philological thoroughness and its informative comments. It will long be the text for anyone dealing with the Hittite laws.' Edgar C. Polomé, The Journal of Indo-European Studies, 1999.
Hittitologists, Assyriologists, historians of law, biblical scholars and all those interested in the culture and civilization of the Ancient Near East.
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