The Transformation of Chinese Traditional Education

Selected Papers by Tao Xingzhi on Education


This book introduces Tao Xingzhi’s ideas and thoughts on education. Tao Xingzhi, one of the very few figures in whose name a national association has been established to commemorate his life and work, has been influential in education and social reforms in contemporary China. Over twenty articles written by Tao Xingzhi have been selected for this book and these articles touch on key aspects of Tao’s ideas on education and his plans in developing China’s educational system. Influenced by John Dewey, Tao’s writings were grounded in the Chinese social and cultural context. This book provides an important angle to examine the social and historical roots of recent educational reforms in China. Tao’s unmistakable emphasis on providing equal education opportunities to people from different social groups is especially relevant for China today.

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Tao Xingzhi, Ph.D. University of Illinois, has been influential in education and social reforms in contemporary China. Tao’s writings have important theoretical implications but are also heavily oriented toward policy or practice. His ideas on education and his plans for developing China’s educational system were grounded in the Chinese social and cultural contexts and remain relevant today in contemporary China.
"This collection of Tao’s papers is indeed a very useful introductory volume for readers who are concerned with the Chinese philosophy of education and especially those who are curious about the Christian ideals behind Tao’s educational reforms in China."
– NG Tze Ming Peter, Lumina College Research Institute, in Frontiers of Education in China 14 (2019), pp.163-165.
Foreword: Tao Xingzhi’s Ideas and Thoughts on Education

Part 1: On Schooling
1 The Integration of Teaching and Learning
2 My Views on School
3 Life is Education
4 Features of Life Education
5 About Student Self-governance
6 Cultivating Creativity in Children
7 The First Class Educator

Part 2: Reform of China’s Education
8 The Improvement of China’s Education
9 The New Education
10 The Fundamental Reform of China’s Rural Education
11 An Outline for Democratic Education
12 Experimentalism and New Education
13 Utilitarianism and Professional Education
14 On Developing Teachers’ Education System in China
15 On Developing Early Childhood Education in Rural China
16 On Developing Experimental Teachers’ Schools in Rural China

Part 3: Education for All
17 The People’s Education Movement in China
18 Educating the Masses
19 Unity of Five Nationalities and Responsibilities of Educators
20 The Social University Movement
21 A Proposal for Universal Education in China
22 The Universalization of Early Childhood Education
23 The Education of Peasants

All interested in the history of Chinese education and its interaction with Chinese culture tradition.
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