Negation in Arawak Languages


Negation in Arawak Languages presents detailed descriptions of negation constructions in nine Arawak languages (Apurinã, Garifuna, Kurripako, Lokono, Mojeño Trinitario, Nanti, Paresi, Tariana, and Wauja), as well as an overview of negation in this major language family. Functional-typological in orientation, each descriptive chapter in the volume is based on fieldwork by authors in the communities in which the languages are spoken. Chapters describe standard negation, prohibitives, existential negation, negative indefinites, and free negation, as well as language-specific negation phenomena such as morphological privatives, the interaction of negation with verbal inflectional categories, and negation in clause-linking constructions.

Informed by typological approaches to negation, this volume will be of interest to specialists in Arawak languages, typologists, historical linguists, and theoretical linguists.

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Lev Michael, PhD (2008), is Assistant Professor of Linguistics at the University of California, Berkeley. He has published articles and monographs on Iquito (Zaparoan), Muniche (isolate), Nanti (Arawak), Omagua (Tupí-Guaraní), and other Amazonian languages.

Tania Granadillo, PhD (2006) is Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Linguistics at The University of Western Ontario. She has worked on Indigenous languages of Venezuela since 1996. She is the co-editor of Ethnographic Contributions to the Study of Endangered Languages (2011).
Typologists and theoretical linguistics interested in negation, and specialists in Arawak languages and South American languages more generally.
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