Atlas of Southeast Europe

Geopolitics and History. Volume Two: 1699-1815


This atlas offers a survey of the history of Southeast Europe from 1699 until 1815, from the Treaty of Karlowitz until the eve of the Second Serbian Uprising. It covers modern-day Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Romania (Wallachia and Transylvania), Dalmatia, Greece and Cyprus.

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Hans H.A. Hötte, (PhD, 1970) was a professional ophthalmologist who spent decades of his life working on this atlas in his spare time. In addition to using the available literature in various languages, he also travelled frequently to the Balkans to obtain information on the ground. He died in 2007.

Béla Vilmos Mihalik, Ph.D (2014, Budapest, Eötvös Loránd University) is a research fellow at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Research Centre for Humanities, Institute of History (Budapest) and director of the Hungarian Jesuit Archive (Budapest). He specialized in the history of Hungary in the 17-18th century, particularly in church history.
Editor’s Preface
The Author & the Atlas
General Historical Survey
Selected Bibliography
General Legend 1521-1815
Legend of the Habsburg Dominions

1. 1699
Karlóca 1699
2. 1699–1703
3. 1703–1711
4. 1711–1718
5. 1718-1739
6. 1751-1774
7. 1774-1783
8. 1783-1792
9. 1792-1796
10. 1796-1815
Survey 1: Transylvania from 1683 to 1815
Survey 2: Slavonia and Croatia from 1683 to 1815
Survey 3: The Habsburg Empire from 1683 to 1815
Survey 4: Greece and the islands from 1683 to 1815
Survey 5: Budzhak from 1683 to 1815

Historians of the Balkans; historians of Greece; historians of Turkey; historians of the Ottoman Empire; collectors of atlases