Pointy Shoes and Pith Helmets

Dress and Identity Construction in Ambon from 1850 to 1942

Drawing on extensive research, Hulsbosch explores dress and adornment of the Ambonese people of the Central Maluku Islands, in Indonesia, during the last century of Dutch colonial rule. She demonstrates how visual identity formation is a lived experience and an active, constant innovation that is not only a response to society, but simultaneously drives and shapes society. This long overdue text documents sartorial expression of the colonizer (the Dutch) and the colonized (the Ambonese) and investigates previously ignored history of indigenous and Western
women living in a colonial context. This book is a visual feast designed and written to appeal to scholars and the general public alike.
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Biographical Note

Marianne Hulsbosch (PhD) from The University of Sydney, publishes extensively on material expression of Ambonese people during Dutch
colonial rule. She currently investigates Indigenous and Dutch colonial women's lives as seen through the development of the Kebaya. She edited
Asian Material Culture (2009) ICAS / AUP.


All interested in the colonial era of Indonesia; in particular the Ambonese during and after Dutch rule. Also those interested in socio-­‐cultural art
history & theory and design studies.


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