Reflections on Global Law

Reflections on Global Law provides an interesting and vital look into the newly emerging field of global law. It allows the possibility for readers to discover global law from the perspective of various academic experts who stem from a whole range of different legal disciplines.
In a globalised world, it is important that one is able to look beyond the "local", given that there are now a whole host of different types of jurisdictions at work. This book touches upon the interdisciplinary character and complexities of global law and demonstrates the further need, within academia, to delve into this newly emerging field of law.


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Biographical Note

Shavana Musa, LLB, LLM, is Editor-in-Chief of the Tilburg Law Review and is currently undertaking her doctoral dissertation entitled "Victim Reparation under the Ius Post Bellum: A Historical and Normative Perspective" at Tilburg University, The Netherlands.

Eefje de Volder, Bsc, Msc LLB, LLM, is Executive Managing Editor of the Tilburg Law Review and is currently conducting her doctoral research on the African Union collective security system and its compatibility with the UN Collective security system.


Given the broad nature of global law and the fact it touches upon alot of different fields of law, this book would be of interest to all scholars, institutes and students within international, European and even domestic law.


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