Congress Volume Cambridge 1995


Editor: J.A. Emerton
This volume publishes the papers given by invitation at the fifteenth Congress of the International Organization for the Study of the Old Testament, which was held at Cambridge in July 1995, under the Presidency of J.A. Emerton. The articles cover a wide range of subjects relevant to the study of the Old Testament, and reflect the ongoing debate on a variety of themes among the world's leading contemporary Old Testament scholars.
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Table of contents

A. Berlin, 'On Reading Biblical Poetry: The Role of Metaphor.'
[P.A. Bird (to follow)]
K.J. Cathcart, 'The Age of Decipherment: The Old Testament and the Ancient Near East in the Nineteenth Century.'
Jesús-Luis Cunchillos, 'Des outils pour le développement de l'herméneumatique sémitique nord-occidentale.'
J. Day, 'Resurrection Imagery from Baal to the Book of Daniel.'
K.J. Dell, 'On the Development of Wisdom in Israel.'
[J.A. Emerton (to follow)]
M.V. Fox, 'What the Book of Proverbs is about.'
J.M. Hadley, 'Chasing Shadows? The Quest for the Historical Goddess.'
A. Marx, 'La place du sacrifice dans l'ancien Israël.'
T.N.D. Mettinger, 'The Roots of Aniconism - an Israelite Phenomenon in Comparative Perspective.'
A. Rofé, 'From Tradition to Criticism: Jewish Sources as an Aid to the Critical Study of the Hebrew Bible.'
H.-Chr. Schmitt, 'Das spätdeuteronomistische Geschichtswerk Gen. i-2 Reg. xxv und seine theologische Intention.'
H. Spieckermann, 'Konzeption und Vorgeschichte des Stellvertretungsgedankens im alten Testament.'
C. Uehlinger, 'Figurative Policy, Propaganda and Prophetie.'
D. Ussishkin, 'Jezreel, Samaria and Megiddo - Royal Centres of Omri and Ahab.'
M. Vervenne, 'Le récit de la mer (Exode XIII 17-XIV 31) reflète-t-il une rédaction de type deutéronomique? Quelques remarques sur le problème de l'identification des éléments deutéronomiques contenus dans le Tétrateuque.'
M. Weitzman, 'The Hebrew and Syriac Texts of the Book of Job.'
I. Willi-Plein, 'Michal und die Anfänge des Königtums in Israel.'
[I. Zatelli, (to follow)]


All those interested in the Old testament.


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