The Dialectics of the Religious and the Secular

Studies on the Future of Religion


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The Dialectics of the Religious and the Secular: Studies on the Future of Religion contains the work of fifteen international scholars who have wrestled with the question of the relevancy, meaning, and future of religion within the context of the increasing antagonisms between the religious and secular realms of modern civil society and its globalization. Through their chosen topics in analyzing these issues in the 20th and 21st centuries, each author also indicates the possibility of mitigating if not preventing the continuation of this antagonism by historically moving toward a more reconciled and humane future global society.

Contributors are: Branko Ančić, Aleksandra Baranova, Roland T. Boer, Francis Brassard, Dustin Byrd, Donald Devon III, Neven Duvnjak, Jan W. R. Fennema, Denis R. Janz, Dinka Marinović Jerolimov, Gottfried Küenzlen, Mislav Kukoč, Michael R. Ott, Rudolf J. Siebert, and Ivica Sokol.

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Michael R. Ott, Ph.D. (1998), Western Michigan University, is Associate Professor of Sociology at Grand Valley State University. He has published journal articles, book chapters, and books on the Critical Theory of Religion, including The Future of Religion: Toward a Reconciled Society (Brill 2007).
About the Authors
Introduction, MICHAEL R. OTT
Foreword: The Siebert Manifesto of the Critical Theory: An Appreciation, DENIS R. JANZ

1. The Future of Religion: Toward the City of Being, RUDOLF J. SIEBERT

2. The Migration of Religious Longing for the “Other” into the Historical Materialist Critical Theory of Utopia in the Thought of Theodor W. Adorno and Ernst Bloch, MICHAEL R. OTT

3. Bilderverbot and Utopia: God without Image – Other World Unannounced, DUSTIN BYRD

4. Theo-Utopian Hearing: Ernst Bloch on Music, ROLAND BOER

5. What is the Meaning of “Culture”? Some Comments and Perspectives, GOTTFRIED KÜENZLEN

6. Towards a Global Ethos? Notes on the Philosophy of Encounter, JAN FENNEMA

7. On the Origin of Religious Discourse, FRANCIS BRASSARD

8. The Future of Faith, the Subaltern Scientia: Lonergan and Aquinas, DONALD DEVON III

9. Religion in the Trap of Globalization, MISLAV KUKOČ

10. Bahá'í Religion as a New Religious Movement?, BRANKO ANČIĆ

11. Religious Freedom in Contemporary Croatian Society (From 1997 to 2008), NEVEN DUVNJAK & IVICA SOKOL

12. Religiosity and Attitudes Towards Sexuality and Marriage in Croatia, DINKA MARINOVIĆ JEROLIMOV

13. Politicization of the Religious Environment in Ukraine, ALEKSANDRA BARANOVA

All interested in the Critical Theory of the Frankfurt School, Comparative Religious Studies, Future Studies, Utopian Studies, Globalization, Social Change, Religious Issues in Croatia and Ukraine.
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