The Dead Sea Scrolls Reader, Second Edition, Revised and Expanded

Volume 1 Texts Concerned with Religious Law, Exegetical Texts and Parabiblical Texts

This is volume 1 of a two volume set, which replaces the six volumes of the first edition. This volume contains Texts concerned with Religious Law, Exegetical Texts and Parabiblical Texts.

The purpose of The Dead Sea Scrolls Reader is to enhance the research facilities of the individual texts within their respective genres. The nature of the Dead Sea Scrolls publication project was such that texts belonging to the same literary genre were published in different volumes in the Discoveries in the Judaean Desert (DJD) series, although those from cave 4 were often published by subject. The dispersion of these texts in several different volumes complicates their analysis, a problem that is now overcome in DSSR.
This second and revised edition of the DSSR forms an updated and expanded publication, as follows:
- DSSR II replaces preliminary editions of DSSR I with fine-tuned, published editions.
- DSSR II presents improved or revised texts.
- DSSR II features texts not published in DSSR I.
- DSSR II reassembles segmented texts.
- DSSR II deletes extremely fragmentary texts.
- DSSR II updates names of compositions.

The Dead Sea Scrolls Reader, Volumes 1–2, 2nd ed., rev. and exp. (ed. Donald W. Parry and Emanuel Tov in association with Geraldine I. Clements; Leiden: Brill, 2014) was published with an Index, but that Index did not contain any references to the page numbers. These are now provided in the Revised Index edited by Sister Raghida Obeid, OLM, The Lebanese Maronite Order, Lebanon and Rome. The document can be found in the 'Downloads' tab.

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Donald W. Parry(1992), Professor of Hebrew Bible Studies, holds the Abraham O. Smoot Professorship at Brigham Young University. He is
a member of the International Team of Editors of the Dead Sea Scrolls and author or (co)editor of a number of books on the scrolls and the Hebrew Bible.

Emanuel Tov, Ph.D. (1974) in Biblical Studies, Hebrew University, is J.L. Magnes Professor of Bible at the Hebrew University and the former Editor-in-Chief of the Dead Sea Scrolls Publications Project. He has published several books on textual criticism and on the Scrolls.
"Parry and Tov are to be praised once more for this highly comprehensive and most up-to-date collection of texts and for a most valuable and useful tool for everyone who wants to delve into the world of the Dead Sea Scrolls."
Peter Porzig, Georg-August-Universität, Göttingen
All those interested in the Dead Sea Scrolls, biblical exegesis and textual criticism, Hebrew and Aramaic linguistics, intertestamental literature, Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha, Second Temple Judaism, as well as Rabbinic literature and Jewish history.
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