A Companion to the Medieval Papacy

Growth of an Ideology and Institution


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A Companion to the Medieval Papacy brings together an international group of experts on various aspects of the medieval papacy. Each chapter provides an up-to-date introduction to and scholarly interpretation of topics of crucial importance to the development of the papacy’s thinking about its place in the medieval world and of its institutional structures.

Topics covered include: the Papal States; the Gregorian Reform; papal artistic self-representation; hierocratic theory; canon law; decretals; councils; legates and judges delegate; the apostolic camera, chancery, penitentiary, and Rota; relations with Constantinople; crusades; missions. The volume includes an introductory chapter by Thomas F.X. Noble on the historiographical challenges of writing medieval papal history.

Contributors are: Sandro Carocci, Atria A. Larson, Andrew Louth, Jehangir Malegam, Andreas Meyer, Harald Müller, Thomas F.X. Noble, Francesca Pomarici, Rebecca Rist, Kirsi Salonen, Felicitas Schmieder, Keith Sisson, Danica Summerlin, and Stefan Weiß.

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Keith Sisson, Ph.D. (2008), University of Memphis, is director of the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program in University College at the University of Memphis. His monograph, Papal Hierocratic Theory in the High Middle Ages: From Roman Primacy to Universal Papal Monarchy (2009), examines the development of the hierocratic theory of government in the High Middle Ages, paying particular attention to the presentation of the theory during the Franco-papal conflict, 1296-1303. His primary areas of research are church and state relationships, political theory and practice, ecclesiology, cultural and intellectual history, and Scholasticism.

Atria A. Larson, Ph.D. (2010), Catholic University of America, is Visiting Scholar in the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies at Saint Louis University. She has published translations from Latin and German, editions of Latin texts, and articles in the field of medieval intellectual and legal history. Her monograph, Master of Penance: Gratian and the Development of Penitential Thought and Law in the Twelfth Century, won a 2015 Manfred Lautenschlaeger Award for Theological Promise.
A Companion to the Medieval Papacy is rare and welcome in that it offers a book accessible to readers at an entry level yet also contains serious scholarly essays, in English, with a good bibliography where readers can continue their investigations in multiple areas and at multiple levels. […] it is worth remarking on the fact that this is a splendidly produced volume, which includes a series of good reproductions of medieval images, works of art etc., in both black-and-white and colour.”
Robert Sommerville, Columbia University. In: The Journal of Ecclesiastical History, Vol. 69, No. 2 (April 2018), p. 385.

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Atria A. Larson

1 Narratives of Papal History
Thomas F.X. Noble

Part I: Popes and Princes, Polemic and Propaganda

2 Pro-Papacy Polemic and the Purity of the Church: The Gregorian Reform
Jehangir Malegam

3 Popes as Princes? The Papal States (1000-1300)
Sandro Carocci

4 Papal Imagery and Propaganda: Art, Architecture, and Liturgy
Francesca Pomarici

5 Popes over Princes: Hierocratic Theory
Keith Sisson

Part II: Law and Judgement

6 Popes and Canon Law
Atria A. Larson

7 Papal Decretals
Atria A. Larson and Keith Sisson

8 Papal Councils in the High Middle Ages
Danica Summerlin

Part III: Administration Abroad and at Home

9 The Omnipresent Pope: Legates and Judges Delegate
Harald Müller

10 The Curia: Camera
Stefan Weiß

11 The Curia: Chancery
Andreas Meyer

12 The Curia: The Apostolic Penitentiary
Kirsi Salonen

13 The Curia: The Sacra Romana Rota
Kirsi Salonen

Part IV: Beyond the Latin Church

14 Relations with Constantinople
Andrew Louth

15 The Medieval Papacy, Crusading, and Heresy, 1095-1291
Rebecca Rist

16 Missionary Activity
Felicitas Schmieder

Appendix: Chronology of Key Pontificates
Keith Sisson

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Medievalists and church historians; undergraduates, graduate students, and scholars interested in the medieval church, papacy, and papal involvement in medieval history.
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