The External Dimension of the EU’s Migration Policy

Different Legal Positions of Third-Country Nationals in the EU: A Comparative Perspective


In recent years the EU has been active in developing a common European immigration policy in cooperation with third countries and in building an “external dimension” of such an EU policy. The linkages between the EU’s external relations and migration policies have influenced the distinct legal positions of third-country nationals (non-EU nationals). This book critically discusses whether the EU’s objective of creating a common EU migration policy can be achieved against the backdrop of a highly fragmented EU framework for migration law and policy, and it argues that it is difficult to speak of one single, unitary group of third-country nationals forming the counterpart to EU citizens.

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Katharina Eisele, PhD (Maastricht University, 2013), is a researcher at the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS) in Brussels. She has published in the area of EU immigration law, including on the EU’s Blue Card Directive.
Part I: Introduction;
Part II: EU External Relations and Migration Policy – The Historical Development of the External Dimensions;
Part III: The Human Rights of Migrants: Legal Bases and Sources for EU Migration Law and Policy;
Part IV: The Basis for Differential Treatment among Third-Country Nationals: EU Association Agreements and Cooperation Frameworks;
Part V: The Legal Position of Third-Country Nationals: Entry, Employment and Residence Rights;
Part VI: The Legal Position of Third-Country Nationas: Social Security Rights;
Part VII: The Legal Position of Third-Country Nationals: Other Economic and Social Rights;
Part VIII: Conclusions;
Part IX: Schematic Overview of the Legal Position of Third-Country Nationals;
Part X: Samenvatting;
Part XI: Zusammenfassung;
Part XII: Bibliography;
Part XIII: EU Official Documents, Table of Cases and Index.
The targeted readership includes all interested and engaged in the field of European immigration law and policy, such as academics, national and EU policy makers and practitioners.