The Making of a Modern Art World

Institutionalization and Legitimatization of Guohua in Republican Shanghai


The Making of A Modern Art World explores the artistic institutions and discursive practices prevailing in Republican Shanghai, aiming to reconstruct the operational logic and the stratified hierarchy of Shanghai’s art world. Using guohua as the point of entry, this book interrogates the discourse both of guohua itself, and the wider discourse of Chinese modernism in the visual arts. In the light of the sociological definition of ‘art world’, this book contextualizes guohua through focusing on the modes of production and consumption of painting in Shanghai, examining newly adopted modern artistic practices, namely, art associations, periodicals, art colleges, exhibitions, and the art market.

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Pedith Pui Chan, Ph.D. (2009) at SOAS, University of London, is an Assistant Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She has published articles on modern and contemporary Chinese art.
List of Figures
Chapter 1 Introduction: The Hierarchy of Shanghai’s Art World
Chapter 2 Institutionalisation as Practice: Societies, Periodicals, and Colleges
Chapter 3 The Appropriation of New Cultural Capital: Art Exhibitions
Chapter 4 The Business of Art: The Art Market
Chapter 5 Conclusion
Appendix 1 Biographical Notes
Appendix 2 Art Societies Established during the Years 1929–1936
Appendix 3 Art Periodicals Established during the Years 1929–1936
Appendix 4 Survey of Exhibitions held during the Years 1919–1937
Appendix 5 Prices for 4-foot Landscape Paintings in the Hall Scroll Format during the Years 1929-1937
Art historians, historians, those interested in Shanghai, modern China, art market, cultural history and visual studies.
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