Sino-Theology and the Philosophy of History

A Collection of Essays by Liu Xiaofeng

Editor: Leopold Leeb
Since his controversial Delivering and Dallying (published in 1988), Liu Xiaofeng has been considered the most influential among contemporary Chinese intellectuals interested in Christianity. Now for the first time this collection of Liu's essays, translated and commented by Prof. Leopold Leeb, enables the non-Chinese reader to get a comprehensive understanding of the ideas of this inspiring and erudite scholar.
Liu Xiaofeng's Sino-Theology and the Philosophy of History, together with the other essays in this collection, provide a panoramic view of the situation of Christian studies in the Chinese context today. In his introduction, Leopold Leeb also presents several other scholars who have been of crucial importance in the dialogue between Chinese culture and Christianity in the last three decades.

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Leopold Leeb, Ph.D (1999), Peking University, is Professor of classical European Literature at Renmin University, Beijing. He has published articles and books on China, including A Dictionary of the History of Christianity in China (Chinese, Beijing: Zongjiao wenhua Publications, 2013).
Translator’s Introduction
Leopold Leeb

Part I: Sino-Theology and the Philosophy of History


Chapter 1: Is Everything “Spiritual” Altogether “Very Far Away” from the Chinese People?

Chapter 2: Scientism and the “Spirit” of Christianity

Chapter 3: Nationalist State-Ethics and the Christian “Spirit”

Chapter 4: Sociological Observations on the Modern Context of Sino-theology

Chapter 5: Sino-Theology within the Argument Structure of Modern Thought

Chapter 6: The Hermeneutic Fervor of Sino-Theology

Chapter 7: The Phenomenon of Cultural Christians: A Noteworthy “Rumor”

Chapter 8: The “Chinese-Language” Problem of Christian Theology

Part II: Related Articles

Preface to the Revised Version of Zhengjiu yu Xiaoyao (Delivering and Dallying)

Christianity, Paganism, and Modernity

Preface to The Confucian Religion and Nation-State (Rujiao yu minzu guojia 儒教与民族国家)

Leo Strauss and China: Encountering a Classical Disposition

Hobbes and His “Apology”


Personalia: Persons related to Christian Studies in China
All interested in modern Chinese intellectuals and their approach to Christianity, and anyone concerned with theology in Chinese language, and the dialogue between Christianity and Chinese culture.