Remnants of a Mixed Language


Scandoromani: Remnants of a Mixed Language is the first, comprehensive, international description of the language of the Swedish and Norwegian Romano, also labeled resande/reisende. The language, an official minority language in Sweden and Norway, has a history in Scandinavia going back to the early 16th century. A mixed language of Romani and Scandinavian, it is spoken today by a vanishingly small population of mainly elderly people.
This book is based on in-depth linguistic interviews with two native speakers of different families (one of whom is the co-author) as well as reviews of earlier sources on Scandoromani. The study reveals a number of interesting features of the language, as well as of mixed languages in general. In particular, the study gives support to the model of autonomy of mixed languages.


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Biographical Note

Gerd Carling, Ph.D. (2000), Lund University, is Associate Professor of General Linguistics at that university. She has published several books and articles on Romani chib as well as on Tocharian, an extinct language of Eastern Central Asia.

Lenny Lindell is a native speaker of Scandoromani and author of a monography in Swedish (together with Gerd Carling) on this language.

Gilbert Ambrazaitis, Ph.D. (2009), Lund University, is researcher in phonetics and phonology, with a special interest in Scandinavian pitch accent.


All interested in language contact, contact languages, language and history of the Roma.