Extractive Imperialism in the Americas

Capitalism's New Frontier


Recent changes in the global economy, which include a growing demand for energy and natural resources such as industrial minerals and agro-food products, have brought about a massive devastating pillage of resources in the developing world by multinational corporations as well as states with energy and food security concerns—and concerns about a system (global capitalism) in the throes of a global crisis. These developments have also brought about a major change in the form taken by imperialism (actions taken by the state to advance the interests of the dominant capitalist class). This book explores the changing face of US imperialism in the regional context of the Americas, a major stage in the unfolding drama of a system in crisis.

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James Petras is Professor Emeritus in Sociology at Binghamton University, and author of over 60 books on Latin American affairs and world affairs, including Imperialism and Capitalism in the 2Ist Century and Social Movements in Latin America.     

Henry Veltmeyer is Professor of Development Studies at Saint Mary's University and Universidad Autónoma de Zacatecas. He has authored and edited over 40 books on Latin American and world affairs, including Imperialism, Crisis and Class Struggle: The Verities of Capitalism.
List of Tables ... vii
List of Acronyms ... viii
List of Contributors ... ix

Introduction ... 1

Part 1
Imperialism and Class Struggle Dynamics

1 A New Model or a New Form of Imperialism? ... 19
2 Extractive Imperialism in Historical Perspective ... 49
3 Agro-Extractivism: The Agrarian Question of the 21st Century ... 62
4 Trade and Development in an Era of Extractive Imperialism ... 101
5 Class Struggle on the New Frontier of Extractive Capitalism ... 128

Part 2
Extractive Capitalism and Popular Resistance

6 Extractive Capitalism and the Resistance in Guyana ... 147
7 Extractive Capitalism and Brazil’s Great Leap Backward ... 176
8 Resistance and Reform in Mexico’s Mining Sector ... 194
9 Canadian Resistance to the Northern Gateway Oil Pipeline ... 234
10 Imperialist Dynamics of US-Venezuela Relations ... 255
11 Dynamics of 21st Century Imperialism ... 279
12 Reflections on us Imperialism at Home and Abroad ... 287

Bibliography ... 297
Index ... 316
Graduate and undergraduate students, and all those interested in international political economy, international development studies, political ecology, and Latin American development.
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