Philosophie et Exégèse dans le Jardin de la métaphore de Moïse Ibn 'Ezra, Philosophe et Poète Andalou du XIIe Siècle


This volume deals with the philosophical and exegetical doctrines of one of the greatest figures of the Golden Age of Spain - Moses Ibn 'Ezra, as they appear in his Garden of the Metaphor ( Maqālat al-ḥadīqa). The latter, a study of man in his spiritual and physical aspects, is a résumé of all that a cultured Judaeo-arabic individual should know about philosophy. The author reviews the biblical metaphors dealing with man, against the background of the intellectual and literary climate of the period.

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Paul B. Fenton, Docteur dès lettres orientales, Sorbonne (1976), is Professor of Post-Biblical Jewish Literature at the University of Strasbourg. He has published extensively on the intellectual and cultural history of Jews in Islamic lands, most notably Deux traités de mystique juive ( Verdier, 1987).
Persons interested in Jewish and Islamic intellectual history, exegesis, rhetoric and poetry.