Roger Bacon and the Sciences

Commemorative Essays


This volume deals with the philosophy and thought of Roger Bacon. It is an effort to bring Roger Bacon studies up to date. Attention is given to a wide range of topics: Bacon's life and works, Bacon's contribution to the trivium (language studies) and the quadrivium (scientific-mathematical studies), his notion of a science, his moral philosophy, Bacon's contribution to medicine, alchemy, astrology, Bacon's positions in physics and metaphysics, an up dated bibliography of Bacon studies and a review of the state of Bacon Manuscripts.
The volume situates Roger Bacon in the context of 13th century philosophy and thought, as well as demonstrating his importance for later thinkers.
It is expected that it will be a major new contribution to Medieval and Renaissance Studies.

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Jeremiah M.G. Hackett, B.A., M.Phil. (Dublin), M.S.L., Ph.D. (Toronto, 1983) is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of South Carolina, Columbia. He has published on Roger Bacon, on 13th century Philosophy and on 14th century German Mysticism. He is editor of Medieval Philosophers (Dictionary of Literary Biography, 1995).

1. Roger Bacon: His Life, Career and Works Jeremiah Hackett
2. Roger Bacon's Attitude Toward the Latin Translations and Translators of the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries Richard Lemay
3. Roger Bacon on the Classification of th eSciences Jeremiah Hackett
4. Roger Bacon and Grammar Irene Rosier-Catach
5. Roger Bacon et la logique Alain De Libera
6. Roger Baconon Rhetoric and Petics Jeremiah Hackett
7. Roger Bacon's knowledge of Mathematics George Molland
8. Roger Bacon on Astronomy-Astrology: The Sources of the Scientia Experimentalis Jeremiah Hackett
9. Roger Bacon on geography and cartography David Wood and Herbert M. Howe
10. Roger Bacon on Music Nancy van Dreusden
11. Roger Bacon on Ligt, Vision, and the Universal Emanation of Force David C. Lindberg
12. Roger Bacon on Scientia Experimentalis Jeremiah Hackett
13. An Overview of Roger Bacon's Alchemy William R. Newman
14. Roger Bacon and MEdicine: The Paradox of the Forbidden Fruit and the Secrets of Long Life Faye Getz
15. Roger Bacon and the Secret of Secrets Steven J. Williams
16. Roger Bacon bibliography (1985-1995) Thomas S. Maloney
17. Epilogue: Roger Bacon's Moral Science Jeremiah Hackett

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The work will be very useful for historians of science, philosophy and theology, as well as students of language. It should also interest Historians of Linguistics, Philosophy, Theology, Science, and Mathematics; Historians of Universities; Philosophers of Language; Philosophers of Nature; Scholars in the history of Astrology, Alchemy and Medicine.
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