The Book of Judges: The Art of Editing


Author: Amit
Using a combination of literary theory and the tools of biblical criticism, this original and thought-provoking study investigates the book of Judges as an example of the art of editing in the Hebrew Bible. Judges is shown to have been composed in its parts, and as a whole, according to particular integrative principles. The study not only sheds new light on the redaction of Judges, but opens a new window on biblical historiography as a whole.
Responding to calls in the scholarly literature for its translation from Hebrew, this publication makes Amit's fine study available to a wider audience.

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Yairah Amit, Ph.D. (1985) in Biblical Studies and Literature, Tel Aviv University, is Associate Professor of Biblical Studies at Tel Aviv University, where she was head of department (1992-1996). She has published widely on biblical narrative, historiography and ideology.
' The author should be congratulated on her ability to produce an interdisciplinary work on the entire book of Judges of such scale and depth... The sound methodology, logic and originality of Amit's analysis often speak for themselves in convincing us of the validity of her approach, and serve as the ultimate proof of her accomplishment of a weighty and worthwhile task.'
Meira Polliack, Vetus Testamentum.
…a thorough and provocative study…
Frederick E. Greenspahn, Hebrew Studies, 2000.
All those interested in Biblical Studies, the art of biblical narrative, the significance of biblical historiography, literary theory as applied to the Hebrew Bible, teachers and theologians.