Studies in Manichaean Literature and Art


This volume consists of two sections, written by the two authors. The first section contains a study by Manfred Heuser on The Manichaean Myth According to Coptic Sources. This is the first systematic presentation of the basic myth as reflected in Coptic material. The second part is a collection of essays on Manichaeism by Hans-Joachim Klimkeit. The essays are concerned, inter alia, with Manichaean art and symbolism, including newly found examples of Manichaean art from Central Asia.

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Manfred Heuser, Dr.phil. (1992) in History of Religions, Bonn University. He is active as an educationalist in the training of teachers. Hans-Joachim Klimkeit †, Dr.phil. (1964) in History of Religions, Bonn University, was Professor for Religionswissenschaft at Bonn since 1970. He has published extensively on Indian and Central Asian religions, as well as on Manichaeism, including Gnosis on the Silk Road ( Harper, 1993).
All those interested in intellectual history, the history of Late Antiquity, the history of religions, as well as the history of the Church.