International Democracy Documents

A Compilation of Treaties and Other Instruments

Since the end of the Cold War a plentitude of books and articles have been published on the subject of democracy and international law. During this same period numerous international treaties, declarations, resolutions and policy papers have been adopted. International Democracy Documents brings together the most important universal documents as well as those from Africa, the Americas, the Arab Region, Asia and Europe. The Editors provide a comprehensive General Introduction to the collection, and contextually introduce each chapter. The volume fills a gap in the literature and contributes to the advancement of the study of human rights, democracy and the rule of law.

"À n’en pas douter, ce copieux inventaire constituera un outil fort utile, et en tout cas un excellent point de départ, pour celui ou celle qui s’intéresse à la notion de démocratie en droit international. Puisse cet ouvrage contribuer, comme c’est le vœu de ses auteurs (p. 35), à faciliter la recherche, le développement et le renforcement des standards et valeurs démocratiques au plan international…" : Laurent Weyers, Revue Belge de droit international, No. 2014/2

"It is no exaggeration to recommend that every library in the “Third World’s” law schools should have this volume on their shelves." : Pranoto Iskandar, in: Indonesian Journal of International & Comparative Law (IJICL) Volume III Issue 4 (October 2016), p. 799-806


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Biographical Note

Frithjof Ehm (1981), Programme Manager at the European Commission (DG Regio), wrote his Ph.D. on “The Democracy Obligation According to International Law” and has worked with UNDP (Democratic Governance Group) in New York and the Council of Europe (Venice Commission) in Strasbourg.

Christian Walter (1966) is professor of International Law at the University of Munich. He published monographs, articles and edited volumes on Public International Law and Comparative Public Law, including Self-Determination and Secession in International Law (OUP 2014), coedited with Antje von Ungern-Sternberg and Kavus Abushov.

Review Quotes

"The primary strength of this volume is the breadth of primary documents that have been brought together. In this respect, scholars and practitioners will find it to be an invaluable resource."
-Dr Matt Killingsworth, University of Tasmania


All interested in the diverse and fascinating field of international democracy. International Democracy Documents mainly aims at practitioners from international organizations, NGOs and academics providing them with the necessary instruments.


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