A History of Conversion to Islam in the United States, Volume 2

The African American Islamic Renaissance, 1920-1975


In A History of Conversion to Islam in the United States, Volume 2: The African American Islamic Renaissance, 1920-1975 Patrick D. Bowen offers an in-depth account of African American Islam as it developed in the United States during the fifty-five years that followed World War I. Having been shaped by a wide variety of intellectual and social influences, the ‘African American Islamic Renaissance’ appears here as a movement that was characterized by both great complexity and diversity.

Drawing from a wide variety of sources—including dozens of FBI files, rare books and periodicals, little-known archives and interviews, and even folktale collections—Patrick D. Bowen disentangles the myriad social and religious factors that produced this unprecedented period of religious transformation.

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Patrick D. Bowen, Ph.D. (2013), University of Denver-Iliff School of Theology Joint Ph.D. Program, is the author of over two dozen articles as well as the monograph A History of Conversion to Islam in the United States, Volume 1: White American Muslims before 1975 (Brill, 2015).
"…a genuine tour de force achieved by untangling old knots and weaving the loose strands into a rich narrative tapestry to yield an authoritative, encyclopedic tableau of matchless depth and scope.”
Robert Dannin in Marginalia. Los Angeles Review of Books , May 25, 2018.
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The Years 1619–1919

1 African American Religion and Folk Culture before 1920

The Years 1920–1945

2 A Universal Transformation

3 Allah across America

4 Noble Drew Ali

5 The Moorish Science Temple of America

6 W.D. Fard

7 The Nation of Islam

8 Smaller Sects and Independent Mystics

9 Early Sunnis

The Years 1945–1975

10 A Nation Reborn

11 Non-NOI Muslims in the Postwar Period

12 New Transformations

13 A Nation Divided, a Nation Changed

14 A Cultural Revolution

15 Islamic Organizations in the Post-Malcolm World


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