Proto-Slavic Inflectional Morphology

A Comparative Handbook


Proto-Slavic, the reconstructed ancestor of the Slavic languages, presents a rich inflectional system inherited from Proto-Indo-European. In this handbook all the inflectional endings of Proto-Slavic are traced back to Proto-Indo-European through a systematic comparison with the corresponding forms in related languages.
Applying a redefinition of Proto-Slavic based on prehistoric loanword relations with neighbouring non-Slavic languages, Thomas Olander provides a new look at the Proto-Slavic inflectional system. The systematic, coherent and exhaustive approach laid out in the handbook paves the way for new solutions to long-standing problems of Slavic historical grammar.

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Thomas Olander, PhD (2006), is a researcher at the University of Copenhagen. His areas of interest include Indo-European phonology and morphology and the relationship between Baltic and Slavic. He is the author of Balto-Slavic Accentual Mobility (2009).
Anyone concerned with the prehistory of the Slavic languages and the reconstruction of the morphological system of the Indo-European proto-language.
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