Jesuit Books in the Dutch Republic and its Generality Lands 1567-1773

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This book gives a detailed description of all books, published in the Dutch Republic and its Generality Lands between 1567 and 1773 – the year in which the Society of Jesus was suppressed by Pope Clement XIV for political reasons –, written by Jesuits from the Low Countries and elsewhere. Locations of the books are given, as far as possible, as well as bibliographical sources. Many of these publications are pirate editions, mainly from France and Germany. Technical and historical introductions precede this bibliography, and several indexes and registers conclude this work. The titles show the areas in which Jesuits have been active, and indicate their influence in many fields. A similar work has never been attempted before.
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Biographical Note

Paul Begheyn, S.J. (1944) is founder and director of the Netherlands Institute of Jesuit Studies, archivist of the Dutch Jesuits and bibliographer of the Society of Jesus worldwide. Recent publications: A Guide to the History of the Jesuits in the Netherlands (2002-2006), Jesuit Books in the Low Countries 1540-1773 (2009).

Review Quotes

“No mere short-title catalog, this bibliography comprises entries that are models of thoroughness. They include complete titles, full imprint information, locations of copies, and bibliographical sources. Such comprehensive data will prove invaluable to researchers. … This bibliography will surely be an indispensable reference for scholars of Catholicism, book history, and intellectual history in the early modern era. … Begheyn is a superlative bibliographer. This compendium represents a truly prodigious effort by an intrepid scholar. Jesuit Books will remain the definitive catalogue of early modern Dutch Jesuit bibliography for generations to come.”
Christine Kooi, Louisiana State University. In: Journal of Jesuit Studies, Vol. 2, No. 1 (2015), pp. 124-126.

“Begheyn’s loss rate of 35.62 for jesuitica in the Dutch Republic published between 1567 and 1773 is proof of his undaunted perseverance. Respect!”
Goran Proot. In: Quaerendo, Vol. 47, No. 1 (2017), pp. 63-73.

Table of contents

List of Illustrations
List of Tables
List of Abbreviations

Chapter 1. Bibliographical Introduction
Bibliographical work in the Jesuit order
Finding copies of the books
Printed inventories
Digital inventories
Fake imprints
Missing or problematic dates
Publications by ex-Jesuits
Structure of the description of a publication

Chapter 2. The Jesuits in the Low Countries 1540-1773. Apostles of the Printing Press
Books and libraries in documents of the early Society of Jesus
Jesuit bibliographies
Books and writers in the Low Countries
The liquidation of the Jesuit libraries in the Low Countries

Chapter 3. Jesuit Books in the Dutch Republic and Its Generality Lands, 1567-1773
The publication of books by the Jesuits themselves
Four colleges and their publications
The college of Maastricht (1575-1773)
The college of ’s-Hertogenbosch (1609-1629)
The college of Roermond (1611-1773)
The college of Breda (1625-1637)
The stations and their publications
Popular Jesuit spiritual books distributed mainly by Catholic booksellers
Jesuit writings translated and published by others
Books on foreign countries and cultures
Publications by Willem and Joan Blaeu
Schoolbooks, editions of classical authors, and historical works
The popularity of Baltasar Gracián in the Dutch Republic
The counterfeit edition of the primary documents of the Jesuit order in Amsterdam c.1665 45
Publication of books by Athanasius Kircher in Amsterdam
Some remarkable other publications


Bibliography of Jesuit Books in the Dutch Republic and Its Generality Lands, 1567-1773

Jesuit authors, editors and translators
Jesuit authors, editors and translators according to country of birth
Non-Jesuit authors, editors and translators
Languages used in Dutch Jesuit books
Dutch printers in alphabetical order
Dutch printers according to places of activity
Non-Dutch and fictitious printers
Editions of Dutch Jesuit books per decade
Libraries with Dutch Jesuit books

Appendix. Correspondence on the Publication of Jesuit Books in the Netherlands, 1650-1673
Letter of Louis Elzevier to Athanasius Kircher, Amsterdam, 4 November 1650
Letters of Heinrich Oldenburg to Baruch de Spinoza, London, September-October 1655
Letter of Pierre Le Moyne to Johannes Elzevier, Paris, 1661
Letters of Athanasius Kircher to August, Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg Rome, 1664-1666
Letter of Johannes Jansson van Waesberge to Athanasius Kircher, Amsterdam, 29 December 1666
Letter of Athanasius Kircher to an unknown Jesuit in the Low Countries, Rome, 10 June 1673


General Index

1. Editions not in Sommervogel
2. Editions for which no copy has been found
3. Jesuit publications by Blaeu with foreign imprints
4. Jesuit publications by Catholic printers with foreign imprints, in chronological order according to foreign printing towns
5. Jesuit publications by Catholic printers with foreign imprints, in chronological order according to Dutch printing towns
6. Fake printing towns and publishers in chronological order
7. Number of Jesuits in the Dutch Mission


All those interested in bibliography and book history; the history of the Jesuit order; the history of the Netherlands; and the history of the Church.


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