Gregory of Nyssa: Contra Eunomium III. An English Translation with Commentary and Supporting Studies

Proceedings of the 12th International Colloquium on Gregory of Nyssa (Leuven, 14-17 September 2010)


Gregory of Nyssa's Contra Eunomium, one of the major books on trinitarian theology of the 4th century, documents the exchange between Eunomius and the Cappadocian Father in the last episode of the so-called "Arian Crisis". The present volume is devoted to the third and last book of Contra Eunomium. It offers a fresh English translation with a running commentary in the form of ten studies by first-rank specialists. Seventeen shorter papers enlighten various aspects of Contra Eunomium and other writings of the same author. The contributions will be of interest for scholars of historical and systematical theology, philosophy, spirituality, rhetoric and the history of the Early Church.

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Johan Leemans (Ph.D. Theology (2001), KU Leuven) is Professor of Christianity in Late Antiquity at the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies of the same university. He publishes on sermons, martyrdom, the Cappadocian Fathers, patristic exegesis.

Matthieu Cassin, alumnus of the ENS, PhD in Greek studies (University Paris Sorbonne, 2009), is currently researcher at the Institut de recherche et d'histoire des textes (CNRS, Paris). He has recently published L’écriture de la controverse chez Grégoire de Nysse. Polémique littéraire et exégèse dans le Contre Eunomee (2012).
"The completion of this set and the conclusion now of the Lexicon Gregorianum mean that scholars of Gregory are well placed to make further strides in research on this Father [...] With [...] contributors of high calibre we are in safe hands. Editors and publishers deserve our praise for producing this handsome volume, which is well provided with bibliographies and a helpful Index locorum." – J.K. Elliott, in: Novum Testamentum 58 (2016)
"This handsomely produced volume [...] contains a wonderful amount of learning, testimony to the research [...]. The indefatigable Stuart Hall [is] faithful translator of an author he manages to make as readable as is ever likely to be the case. An excellent introduction by Matthieu Cassin followed by translation and detailed commentary on the text precede seventeen shorter supplementary papers, all of which [...] worth including. [...] Making [these valuable insights] known with the help of this fine translation and commentary is important and worth the effort." – Lionel Wickham, in: Journal of Ecclesiastical History 66 (October 2015)
Part One: General Introduction and Translation
M. Cassin, Contre Eunome III: une introduction
St. G. Hall, Gregory of Nyssa, Against Eunomius Book Three Introduction to the Translation and Analysis
St. G. Hall, Gregory of Nyssa Against Eunomius Book Three (Translation)

Part Two: Commentary
V. H. Drecoll, Präsentation von Contra Eunomium III 1
M. Cassin, Confusion eunomienne et clarté nysséenne: Contre Eunome III 2
A. Radde-Gallwitz, Contra Eunomium III 3, A
J. Zachhuber, Gregory of Nyssa, Contra Eunomium III 4
L. Karfíková, Der Geist als Wesen, die Aussage des Namens und die οὐσία bei Eunomius, Basilius und Gregor von Nyssa Contra Eunomium III 5 (GNO II, 160-184)
M. R. Barnes, Against Eunomius III 6
J. Leemans, Time, Eternity, and the Generation of the Son: Contra Eunomium III 7
G. Maspero, Life from Life: The Procession of the Son and the Divine Attributes in Book VIII of Gregory of Nyssa’s Contra Eunomium III
E. Mühlenberg, Gregor von Nyssa, Contra Eunomium III, Tomus IX
M. Ludlow, Contra Eunomium III 10 – Who is Eunomius?

Part Three: Supporting Studies
Th. Alexopoulos, Die Christologie Gregors von Nyssa in Contra Eunomium III (Teile 3 und 4) Die Beweisführung Gregors zur Einheit der Person Christi und das Problem des Verhältnisses der zwei Naturen zueinander in Ihm. Ist der Verdacht des Monophysitismus bei Gregor berechtigt?
X. Batllo, Une évolution de Grégoire? La distinction κτιστόν / ἄκτιστον du CE I au CE III
M. Brugarolas, The Philanthropic Economy of the Holy Spirit Notes on Contra Eunomium III 6,32
A. Capone. Challenging the Heretic: the Preface of Gregory of Nyssa’s Contra Eunomium III
A. Conway-Jones, Uncreated and Created: Proverbs 8 and Contra Eunomium III 1 as the Background to Gregory’s Interpretation of the Tabernacle in Life of Moses II 173-7
H. Xia, From Light to Darkness: the Progress of the Spiritual Journey according to Gregory’s De vita Moysis,
M. La Matina, Oneness of Mankind and the Plural of Man in Gregory of Nyssa’s Against Eunomius book III. Some Problems of Philosophy of Language
G. Maspero, Degli Espositi, D. Benedetto, Who Wrote Basil's Epistula 38? A Possible Answer through Quantitative Analysis
C. Moreschini, Further Considerations on the Philosophical Background of Contra Eunomium III
J. O’Leary, Incarnational Ontology and Paschal Transformation: Acts 2,36 in Contra Eunomium III 3
D. Panagopoulos, Die stoische Gattung des πρός τί πως ἔχον in CE III 1,131-134 (GNO II 48,1-24) des Gregors von Nyssa
I. Ramelli, Οἰκείωσις in Gregory’s Theology: Reconstructing His Creative Reception of Stoicism
L. Sels, Gregory of Nyssa’s Contra Eunomium and Onomatodoxy in Russian Theology
O. Sferlea, À propos de l’infinité divine dans le débat trinitaire du Contre Eunome III: le noyau de la réfutation est-il philosophique ou bien scripturaire?
F. Sieber, Mehr als schöner Schein – Rhetorische Bildung als konstitutives Element von Theologie am Beispiel der überlieferten Briefe Gregors von Nyssa
L. Van der Sypt, Are there Messalian Syneisakts in Gregory of Nyssa’s De virginitate 23,4?
F. Vinel, Eunome, juif et païen à la fois, à la religion trompeuse

Academic readership in Patristics and History of Theology will be interested in these studies on a major text of Trinitarian Theology; the English translation should be useful for a larger audience too.
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