EU Management of Global Emergencies

Legal Framework for Combating Threats and Crises


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EU Management of Global Emergencies: Legal Framework for Combating Threats and Crises provides a thorough analysis of the role played by the European Union (EU) in combating some of the global emergencies that currently affect, or are likely to affect, our planet. In particular, the potential of a “regional” model for coping with such emergencies is examined, taking into account the perceived inefficacy of traditional prevention and reaction mechanisms provided both by individual States and international organisations. The expression “global emergencies” refers to all situations, irrespective of the subject matter involved, which are characterised by an unexpected state of crisis which affects one or more regions of the world and call for an urgent and coordinated response from competent bodies and institutions.

Furthermore, the book tests the role of the EU in managing global emergencies with respect to four broad areas: the economic and financial crises, the protection of the environment, terrorism and humanitarian aid, while maintaining focus on the legal framework within which the EU deals with such global emergencies in the light of the innovations brought about by the Lisbon Treaty.

With contributions by leading experts in each of the identified set of challenges, EU Management of Global Emergencies: Legal Framework for Combating Threats and Crises aims at increasing the understanding of : (a) the contribution of regional organizations such as the EU to the management of global emergencies; (b) the effectiveness of the EU external action and the actual involvement of the EU in global cooperation processes against global emergencies; (c) global standards of human rights protection in relation to measures adopted in crises; and (d) the coordination mechanisms between the EU and other international organisations with a global or regional membership, in the management of global emergencies.

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Inge Govaere is Professor of European Law, Jean Monnet Chair in EU Legal Studies, Director of the European Law Institute, Ghent University and Director of the European Legal Studies Department, College of Europe, Bruges.

Sara Poli is associate professor of EU law at the University of Pisa (Italy) and is the holder of a Jean Monnet Chair.
"Overall, this edited collection shows that even though the EU has the powers and competences to react and address global emergencies, threats and crises, the internal structure might not be perfectly adapted to deal with them."
-Andrés Delgado Casteleiro, Durham Law School
Foreword: Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Response
By Commissioner Kristalina Georgieva
List of abbreviations and acronyms
List of contributors
Introduction to EU Governance of (Global) Emergencies, Threats and Crises
By Inge Govaere and Sara Poli


1. Stakes and Challenges of EU Response to Global Emergencies: an EU Policy Perspective
Kristalina Georgieva

2. The EU's Humanitarian Aid Policy after Lisbon: Implications of a New Treaty Basis
Peter Van Elsuwege and Jan Orbie

3. No strings attached? EU’s Emergency Trade Preferences for Pakistan
Sieglinde Gstöhl

4. Fighting Terrorism Through the Common Foreign and Security Policy
Christophe Hillion

5. The Powers of the Council concerning the Emergency of International Terrorism after the Judgment in Case C-130/10 Parliament v. Council
Jenő Czuczai

6. L’Union fait la Force: Making the Most of the Solidarity Clause (Article 222 TFEU)
Steven Blockmans

7. The EU's Competence in the Field of Civil Protection (Article 196, paragraph 1, a-c TFEU)
Florika Fink-Hooijer

8. Securing Consular Protection of the EU Citizens Abroad: what Role for the EU?
Madalina Moraru

9. Emergencies, Crises and Threats in the EU: what Role for the European Court of Justice?
Sara Poli

10. The Euro Crisis and the Democratic Principle
Giacomo Biagioni

11. The European Regulatory Response to the Volcanic Ash Crisis between Fragmentation and Integration
Alberto Alemanno

12. The Fight against Terror and the Space of Individual Freedom: A (Classic) Word of Caution
Michal Bobek


13. European Union Participation in International Financial Organizations
Christine Kaddous

14. International Marine Environmental Law and the EU: an Adequate Framework to Address Environmental Emergencies?
Lorenzo Schiano di Pepe

15. The Role of the EU in Promoting International Standards in the Area of Climate Change
Elisa Morgera and Kati Kulovesi

16. EU Governance of the Threat of Piracy off the Coast of Somalia
Bibi Van Ginkel

17. The United Nations, the European Union and Multilateral Action against Terrorism
Jan Wouters and Sanderijn Duquet

18. China-EU Experience and Budding Cooperation in Emergency Management
Veronika Orbetsova and Jing Men

All those interested in the European Union and its role in global emergencies.
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