Digging Deeper: Inside Africa’s Agricultural, Food and Nutrition Dynamics


This volume attempts to dig deeper into what is currently happening in Africa’s agricultural and rural sector and to convince policymakers and others that it is important to look at the current African rural dynamics in ways that connect metropolitan demands for food with value chain improvements and agro-food cluster innovations. It is essential to go beyond a ‘development bureaucracy’ and a state-based approach to rural transformation, such as the one that often dominates policy debate in African government circles, organizations like the African Union and the UN, and donor agencies.

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Akinyinka Akinyoade, Ph.D. (2007), Institute of Social Studies, The Hague, is a Senior Researcher at the African Studies Centre, Leiden and he is the convenor of its Agro-Food Clusters in Africa collaborative research group. He has published some journal articles, and research reports on Food Security in Africa including Agricultural Dynamics and Food Security Trends in Africa
Wijnand Klaver, MSc, (1976, Wageningen University) is a Senior Researcher at the African Studies Centre, Leiden. He has published work on the indicators of undernutrition among preschool children and of national food availability for several countries in Africa.

Sebastiaan Soeters, PhD (2012), is a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Utrecht. His current research focuses on the social effects of climate change amongst rural communities in northern Ghana, Burkina Faso and Kenya. His earlier research focussed on urbanisation and food security in Africa.

Dick Foeken, Ph.D. (1991), University of Amsterdam, is senior researcher at the African Studies Centre, Leiden. He published numerous books and articles on livelihood issues, mainly in Kenya.
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List of Contributors

1 Introduction
Akinyinka Akinyoade, Ton Dietz, Dick Foeken and Wijnand Klaver

Section 1 Mapping the Evidence

2 Mapping the Food Economy in Sub-Saharan Africa
Lia van Wesenbeeck

3 Agricultural Pockets of Effectiveness in Africa
A Comparative Inventory of Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda since 2000
Akinyinka Akinyoade, Ton Dietz and André Leliveld

4 Food Production and Consumption in Relation to Food Insecurity and Undernutrition in Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania and Uganda
Wijnand Klaver

Section 2 Agricultural Production and Effectiveness

5 Dairy Clustering in Kenya
Diederik de Boer and Jackson Langat

6 Biofuel Feedstock Production in Ethiopia
Status, Challenges and Contributions
Maru Shete Bekele and Marcel Rutten

7 Local Careers and Mixed Fortunes in Africa’s Globalizing Food Exports
The Case of Nile Perch from Lake Victoria, Uganda
Joost Beuving

Section 3 Drivers of Food Production

8 Pressures and Incentives
Urban Growth and Food Production at Tamale’s Rural-Urban Interface
Sebastiaan Soeters

9 The Dynamics of Urban and Peri-Urban Agriculture
Diana Lee-Smith

10 From Suitcase Farmers to Telephone Farmers
Agriculture and Diversified Livelihoods among Urban Professionals
Melle Leenstra

Section 4 Institutional Issues

11 National Agricultural Research Systems in Africa
Olubunmi Abayomi Omotesho and Abraham Falola

12 Contributions of Small- and Large-Scale Farms and Foreign and Local Investments to Agricultural Growth
The Nigerian Example
Sheu-Usman Akanbi and Akinyinka Akinyoade

13 Loss and Damage from Droughts and Floods in Rural Africa
Kees van der Geest and Koko Warner

14 Agriculture and Nutrition
Linkages and Complementarities
Inge D. Brouwer

Appendix A
Selected Statistics of Major World Regions and Selected Countries in Sub-Saharan Africa
Appendix B
Fifty Years of Agricultural and Food Dynamics in Africa – Statistical Data
All interested in agricultural production in Africa, its relationship with urbanisation and population growth, as well as agricultural pockets of effectiveness, institutional impact elements and climatic stresses on resources base for food production.
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