Organum Deitatis: Die Christologie des Thomas de Vio Cajetan


Author: Marcel Nieden
Who is Jesus Christ? The question is one of the central problems of Christian theology. This publication deals with the reflections, the Dominican theologian and Luther-Inquisitor Thomas de Vio Cajetan (†1534) has given as an answer in the early modern conflicting of scholasticism, humanism and reformation.
After clarifying the most important philosophical notions, Cajetan's understanding of the incarnation, the union of God and man in Jesus Christ, Christ's human nature and the biblical dates of Christ's life are investigated.
This volume gives a significant theological view of the state of christological theory-building at that time. The sections on the concept of persona and Christ's being are of interest to the historian of philosophy as well.

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Marcel Nieden, Dr. theol. (1996), University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, is assistant to the chair for the history of church and dogma at the Augustana-Hochschule of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Bavaria.
All those interested in intellectual history, the history of Christian theory, the history of the late Middle Ages and the reformation: theologians, philosophers and historians.