Drie generaties Adan: West-Brabantse landmeters in de achttiende en negentiende eeuw

In the eighteenth and early nineteenth century three following generations of the Adan geometrician family where active in the western part of the province of Noord-Brabant, the Netherlands. The cartographic production of these three generations of geometricians gives a good impression of the development of Dutch cartography in the eighteenth and nineteenth century. This work is a scientific accountable reference book and a standard work about the cartographic heritance of the Adan family. It contains contributions about the local landscape, the history of the region, geometricians, the family history and the Adans in historic cartographic perspective. It also includes an annotated bibliography with descriptions and illustrations of nearly 1100 maps which the Adan geometricians have manufactured. The book contains many full-page maps in colour.

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K.A.H.W. Leenders was born in 1946 in Den Bosch, but grew up in Breda. He is working as a demographer at the province of Zuid-Holland. He is also active as a historic-geographer, with special interest in the landscape history of western Noord-Brabant and northern Antwerp. He obtained his doctorate in 1996 in Amsterdam on a study on the medieval history of that area.

Yolande Kortlever (1959) was born in Amsterdam and grew up in Amstelveen. She studied History and English at the VL-VU (secondary teacher training) and Medieval History at the University of Amsterdam. After that, she studied at the Hogere Archiefschool (college for archives studies) in The Hague. In December 1997 she worked at the Gemeentelijke Archiefdienst Bergen op Zoom (archives services of the local government of Bergen op Zoom, now called ‘Het Markiezenhof Historisch Centrum’). In 2004 she was appointed as the town historian.
Kortlever has published several articles and has given lectures about the history of Bergen op Zoom. In 1989 she has published, together with two other historians, a history of the Netherlands and in 2005 she published with those same historians a history method for students of the Pabo (Teacher Training College for Primary Education), entitled Van Huis Uit. Compacte geschiedenis voor de Pabo.

Luc Janssens (Duffel, 6 July 1962) is doctor in History (KU Leuven 2006, Kaarten op bestelling. De beroepsgroep van de land- en edificiemeters in het hertogdom Brabant en de Landen van Overmaas 1680-1795). Since 1987 he is working for the Belgian National Archive. From June 2004 up to December 2006 Janssens was head of service of the Department of Private Archives and Collections in the National Archive in Brussels.
Since December he has been head of service of the National Archive in Brussels (seat at Anderlecht). He has made many inventories of the map collections of the National Archive.
Janssens has published historical articles on the military garrisons in the cities of Mechelen and Tienen, the cabinetmakers of Brussels from the Middle Ages to the end of the 18th century, the mail organisation of the family Thurn und Taxis before 1794 and has written several articles on the making of surveyor maps.

Joss Hopstaken (1958) was born and raised in Roosendaal. He studied History at the University of Leiden and followed an education to senior archivist at the Rijksarchiefschool (National Archive College) in The Hague.
As from 1988 Hopstaken has been operative in the archive and as of 2001 he is a town archivist of Roosendaal. Beside making inventories of district water board archives he published articles on the Higher Vocational Education in Breda, the middle class in Roosendaal en the local authorities in West-Brabant.

Drs. Martijn Storms (1978) was born and raised in Arnhem. He studied Social Geography at the University of Utrecht, with Cartography as his specialisation. After his graduation in 2001 he worked as a junior teacher-researcher for the cartography department of the Faculty of Geosciences of the University of Utrecht. He did his doctoral research on land registry map books.
As of April 2006 Storms is working as an editor for HES & DE GRAAF Publishers and is the conservator of maps and atlases at the University of Leiden.
“Dit mooi uitgegeven en rijk geïllustreerde boek is veel meer dan een tentoonstellingscatalogus. Het is een wetenschappelijk naslag- en standaardwerk, dat een beeld schetst van de omvang en de kwaliteit van het cartografische werk van de familie Adan.”
Hans Pel in Noordbrabants Historisch Jaarboek 25, 2008.
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