Les universités françaises au Moyen Age


This volume includes nine studies both on the history of the University of Paris and on French universities in general during the Middle Ages, mainly from an institutional and social point of view.
The first part is devoted to the XIIIth century, i.e. to the birth of the university, to its first institutions, to the growth of the earliest colleges and to the struggle between the scholars and external authorities, namely the Pope, the Bishop, the Chancellor and the King.
The second part deals with the XVth century: the geographical recruitment of students, careers of teachers and the political role of the university during the last decades of the Hundred Years' War; it ends with a study on the reforms imposed upon French universities by the royal government after this War.

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Jacques Verger, “docteur ès-lettres” (University of Paris-Sorbonne, 1995), winner of the first prize of the Concours des Antiquités de France of the Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres of the Institut de France, is “Maître de conférences” of Medieval History at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris; his publications deal mainly with the history of French Universities in the Middle Ages.
' Les problèmes sont exposés avec clarté et précision.' Zénon Kaluza, Bulletin d'Histoire des Doctrines Médiévales, 1997.
Avant-propos I. A propos de la naissance de l'universite de Paris: contexte social, enjeu politique, portee intellectuelle II. Nova et vetera dans le vocabulaire des premiers status et privileges universitaires francais III. L'universite de Paris et ses colleges au temps de Jerome de Moravie IV. Le chancelier et l'universite a Paris a la fin du XIIIe siecle V. Les statuts des universites francaises de Moyen Age: quelques remarques VI. Le recrutement geographique des universites francaises au debut du XVe siecled'apres les suppliques de 1403 VII. Les professeurs des universites francaises a la fin du Moyen Age VIII.The University Press of Paris at the End of the Hundred Years' War IX. Les universites francaises au XVe siecle: crise et tentatives de reforme
All those interested in medieval history, intellectual history, history of universities and higher learning, history of education, history of Paris.