Historical Atlas of South-East Asia


This book deals with the historical development of South-East Asia (Burma, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines) from the earliest times to the present. In the first section a chronological survey in succinct form of the history of the area is presented so as to provide the reader with the background information necessary to make adequate use of the second section. That part of the book can be used on its own, portraying the history of South-East Asia in 64 pages of maps which cover such items as the formation of states and empires, the migration of peoples, trade routes, cultural and economic aspects, the rise and decline of colonialism and the political development of the post-colonial era. All maps are coloured. The text part places each map in its historical context, providing also lists of kings, presidents etc. It is concluded by an extensive bibliography and by two indexes, one of the geographical names on the maps and in the text and one of the names of the numerous persons mentioned in the text.

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Jan M. Pluvier, Ph.D. (1953) in History, University of Amsterdam. Is Emeritus Professor of Modern Asian History in Amsterdam. He has published several books on South-East Asian History.
All those interested in South-East Asian and in a wider sense Asian history, pre-colonial, colonial and post-colonial.
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