The Medieval Book

Glosses from Friends & Colleagues of Christopher de Hamel

This book was presented on the occasion of Christopher de Hamel's sixtieth birthday, and celebrates his many accomplishments during his years at Sotheby's and more recently as the Gaylord Donnelley Fellow Librarian of the Parker Library at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. Christopher de Hamel has described more medieval manuscripts than any other living scholar, and the sale catalogues that have come from his hands set new standards of quality and stimulated new generations of collectors, both institutional and private. This book is a tribute to his learning, his industry, imagination, spirit and good fellowship and his capacity to inspire others. Among the contributors are collectors, colleagues, librarians, curators, students of book history and scholars. The contributions are divided under the rubrics Books, The Book Trade and Collectors and Collecting, composing a varied collection of 40 highly interesting articles, including an introduction on Christopher de Hamel and a bibliography of his writings.

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PART 1. BOOKS “A Christ Church Scribe of the Late Eleventh Century”, Michael Gullick “The Portrait of Laurence of Durham as Scribea”, A.I. Doyle “Medieval English Bookbinding Stamps: Four New Examples”, Richard A. Linenthal “An Illustrated Twelfth-Century Manuscript of Hyginuss De Astronomia”, Timothy Bolton “Angels, Lost and Found, in the University Library, Cambridge”, Paul Binski “A Scientific Textbook for a Noble Student: Sacroboscos Treatises in the New York Public Library”, Lucy Freeman Sandler “Early Manuscripts of Jean de Meuns Translation of Vegetius”, Richard and Mary Rouse “The Holkham Bible Picture Book and the Bible Moralisée”, John Lowden “The Sherborne Missal and Roddoke Robertus: The Anatomy of a Major Manuscript Commission”, Michelle Brown “Uncommon Images in the Common of the Saints of Italian Choir Books”, Margaret Manion “The City Gates of Perugia and Umbrian Manuscript Illumination of the Fifteenth Century”, Jonathan J.G. Alexander “Mind Your Table Manners”, Bernard Rosenthal “Magdalena Kremer, Scribe and Painter of the Choir and Chapter Books of the Dominican Convent of St Johannes-Baptista in Kirchheim unter Teck”, Jeffrey F. Hamburger “A Dutch (?) Miniaturist Active at the Turn of the Sixteenth Century”, James H. Marrow “Bathsheba Imagery in French Books of Hours Made for Women, c.1470–1500”, Thomas Kren “The Prayer Book of Claude de France”, Roger S. Wieck “Indexes in Late Medieval Polyphonic Music Manuscripts: A Brief Tour”, Margaret Bent “The Discovery and Invention of the Gutenberg Bible, 1455–1805”, Paul Needham “An Early Witness to the Texts of Horace and Tibullus, or an Audacious Forgery?”, Marvin L. Colker “Some Deceptive Bookbindings”, Anthony Hobson PART 2. THE BOOK TRADE “Four Book Auctions of the Fifteenth Century”, Lotte Hellinga “A New Beginning: The Sotheby Bankruptcy of 1836”, David McKitterick “William Edward Hurcomb, Goldsmith, Gasconader, Auctioneer, and Bankrupt”, John Collins “Colleagues at Sotheby's”, Diana Berry, Margaret Edwards, Nabil Saidi, Camilla Previté, Marcus Linell, Michel Strauss, James Stourton, Laura Nuvoloni, Mette de Hamel, and Felix Pryor “The Provenance of the Bute Psalter”, Sam Fogg PART 3. COLLECTORS & COLLECTING “Frederick, Archbishop of Riga (1304–1341), and His Books”, Patrick Zutshi “Ligging in the choer, every of hem tied by hymself with a cheyne of iron: Chained Books in Churches in Late Medieval England”, Nigel Morgan “Henry Yates Thompson, Gentleman: An Unusual Collector with Commercial Motives just a Shade Larger than was Common”, William P. Stoneman “Catalogues of the Library of Sir Thomas Phillipps: A Chronological Checklist”, Roland Folter “The Bibliophile and the Scholar: Count Paul Durrieus List of Manuscripts Belonging to Baron Edmond de Rothschild”, François Avril “Cockerell and Riches”, Stella Panayotova “Medieval Manuscripts Owned by J. Meade Falknera”, A.S.G. Edwards “Princely Pursuits: Hunting Manuscripts”, Lawrence J. Schoenberg with Lynn Ransom “The Saga of Christianitys Oldest Liturgical Manuscript”, Martin Schøyen “Floreat Vellomania; or, A Slice of History: Reflections on Collecting Medieval Manuscript Fragments”, Robert Weaver “A Handlist of Western Medieval Manuscripts in the Takamiya Collection”, Toshiyuki Takamiya “Some Transatlantic Trails of W. de Brailes”, William Noel “The Descriptions Master”, Henri Schiller