Woodcuts in Incunabula Printed in the Low Countries (4 Vols.)


Winner of the 17th ILAB Breslauer Prize for Bibliography (2018)
Winner of the 2015 Menno Hertzberger Prize for Book History and Bibliography

The aims of this publication are twofold. In the first place it gives a complete census of the woodcuts in Dutch and Flemish incunabula, and a record of all places in which they appear. Both the book in which the woodcut (or series of woodcuts) appears for the first time and all repetitions of that woodcut before 1501 have been registered. In the second place a survey and analysis of the woodcuts used by each printer have been given. With this inventory dr. Kok has developed a very accurate dating system for incunabula. Over 3800 different illustrations have been found in the incunabula printed in the Low Countries, which illustrate the history of the use of woodcuts – the different states, the different stages of wear and tear.

This publication was made possible with the cooperation of many libraries and institutions worldwide:
Stichting Huis Bergh, 's-Heerenberg, Netherlands; Universiteitsbibliotheek, Amsterdam, Netherlands; Museum Plantin-Moretus/Prentenkabinet, Antwerpen, Belgium (UNESCO Werelderfgoed); Ruusbroec-Genootschap, Antwerpen, Belgium; Erfgoedbibliotheek Hendrik Consience, Antwerpen, Belgium; Staatsbibliothek, Berlin, Germany; Bibliothèque Municipale, Besançon, France; Bibliothèque Royale Albert Ier, Bruxelles, Belgium; University Library, Cambridge, England; Universitätsbibliothek, Köln, Germany; Kongelige Biblioteket, Kopenhagen, Denmark; Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek, Darmstadt, Germany; Stadsarchief en Athenaeumbibliotheek, Deventer, Netherlands; Royal Observatory, Edinburgh, Scotland; Universitätsbibliothek, Frankfurt, Germany; Universitätsbibliothek, Freiburg, Germany; Universiteitsbibliotheek, Gent, Belgium; Niedersächsische Staats- und Unversitätsbibliothek, Göttingen, Germany; Librije, Gouda, Netherlands; Unversitätsbibliothek, Greifswald, Germany; Frans Hals Museum, Haarlem, Netherlands; Gemeente Archief, Haarlem, Netherlands; Stadsbibliotheek, Haarlem, Netherlands; Harvard College Library, Cambridge MA, USA; Houghton Library, Cambridge MA, USA; Friesch Genootschap, Leeuwarden, Netherlands; Erfgoed Leiden en omstreken, Leiden, Netherlands; Universiteitsbibliotheek, Leiden, Netherlands; Bibliothèque de l'Université, Liège, Belgium; British Library, London, England; Universitätsbibliothek, Lüneburg, Germany; Regionaal historisch centrum Limburg, Maastricht, Netherlands; Draiflessen Collection (Liberna Collection), Mettingen, Germany; Koninklijk Zeeuwsch Genootschap der Wetenschappen, Middelburg, Netherlands; Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, München, Germany; Universitäts- und Landesbibliothek, Münster, Germany; Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University, New Haven CT, USA; Morgan Library, New York NY, USA; Bibliothek des Evangelischen Predigerseminars Wittenberg, Germany; Bodleian Library, Oxford, England; Bibliothèque Mazarine, Paris, France; Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris, France; Huntington Library, San Marino CA, USA; Universitetsbibliothek, Stockholm, Sweden; Württembergische Landesbibliothek, Stuttgart, Germany; Royal Dutch Library, The Hague, Netherlands; Universitätsbibliothek, Trier, Germany; Universitetsbibliothek, Uppsala, Sweden; Rijksmuseum Catharijne Convent, Utrecht, Netherlands; Universiteitsbibliotheek, Utrecht, Netherlands; Bibliothèque Municipale, Valenciennes, France; Lessing J. Rosenwald Collection, Library of Congress, Washington DC, USA.

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“This massive and painstaking work will last for generations.”
David McKitterick, Trinity College, Cambridge. In: Quaerendo, Vol. 44, Nos. 1-2 (2014), pp. 91-99.

“Ina Kok’s weighty four-volume book represents the summa of incunabula studies and is likely to play an essential role in all future studies of early printing in Northern Europe. This well-organized and masterful opus will be essential for igniting the imagination of students. It has made a powerful impression on me.”
Kathryn Rudy, University of St Andrews. In: Print Quarterly, Vol. 32, No 2 (2015), pp. 192-194.

“A milestone in incunabula research.”
Ursula Rautenberg, Erlangen University. In: Archiv für Geschichte des Buchwesens, Vol. 69 (2014), pp. 249-251.

“This catalogue will be useful not only to scholars studying woodcuts that illustrate incunables produced in the Low Countries but also to those interested in related woodcuts in books printed later and/or in other countries, in relationships between woodcuts and other media, and more generally in iconography and book illustration.”
Martha W. Driver, Pace University. In: Journal of the Early Book Society, Vol. 17 (2014), pp. 392-294.

“The author has spent decades working on this book compiling an incredible census of illustrations used in editions printed in the 15th Century Netherlands. We cannot compare Ina Kok’s book to any other publication submitted for the 2018 Prize. This work, published in four volumes and based on the study of almost four thousand illustrations, is remarkable!”
Fabrizio Govi, ILAB Vice President & Breslauer Prize Secretary

“It was established very quickly that the quality of the bibliographical work submitted was a testament to the vibrancy of the field of bibliographical research!”
Daniel de Simone, prev. Folger Library and Library of Congress & Member of the 2018 ILAB Prize Jury
Preface iii

I. Design and objectives of the present study iii
II. Directions for the user iii

1 Blockbooks 1
1.I Biblia pauperum blockbook 1
1.II Speculum humanae salvationis blockbook 12
2 Johannes de Westfalia, Louvain 22
3 Johan Veldener 36
3A Louvain (I) 37
3B Utrecht 41
3C Culemborg 49
3D Louvain(II) 53
4 Conradus de Westfalia, Louvain 58
5 Colard Mansion, Bruges 60
6 Delft 64
6A Jacob Jacobszoon van der Meer & Mauricius Yemantszoon 64
6B Jacob Jacobszoon van der Meer 66
6C Jacob Jacobszoon van der Meer or Christiaen Snellaert 85
6D Jacob Jacobszoon van der Meer (continued) 87
6E Jacob Jacobszoon van der Meer or Christiaen Snellaert (continued) 95
6F Christiaen Snellaert 108
6G Hendrik Eckert, Delft, Antwerp 134
7 Gerard Leeu 147
7A Gouda 148
7B Antwerp 211
8 Printer with the Monogram, Utrecht 296
9 Arend de Keysere 301
9A Audenarde 301
9B Ghent 304
10 Conradus Braem, Louvain 309
11 Peter van Os, Zwolle 311
12 Jacob Bellaert, Haarlem 358
13 Printer of ‘Heilichdomme’, [The Netherlands] 396
14 Printer of ‘Kerstenspiegel’, Louvain(?) 397
15 Heynricus Heynrici, Leiden 400
16 Gouda
16A Printer of ‘Teghen die strael der Minnen’ 401
16B 1 Govert van Ghemen, Gouda 405
2 Govert van Ghemen, Leiden 412
16C Gotfridus de Os 415
16D Printer of Godevaert van Boloen (Collaciebroeders?) 416
16E Printer of Alexander, ‘Opus Minus’(Gotfridus de Os?) 422
16F Printer of the ‘Chevalier délibéré’ 424
16G Collaciebroeders
17 Fratres Vitae Communis (Brethren of the Common Life), Brussels 442
18 Gerardus de Leempt, ‘s-Hertogenbosch 444
19 Jacobus de Breda, Deventer 445
20 Ludovicus Ravescot, Louvain 463
21 Johannes Andreae, Haarlem 468
22 Aegidius van der Heerstraten, Louvain 470
23 Printer of St. Rochus, [The Netherlands] 475
24 Mathias van der Goes, Antwerp 476
25 Printer of ‘L’Oraison du S. Esprit’, [Southern Netherlands] 484
26 Richardus Pafraet, Deventer 486
27 Peregrinus Barmentlo, Hasselt 502
28 Theodoricus Martens 506
28A Alost (I) 507
28B Alost (II) 507
28C Antwerp (I) 507
28B or C 511
28D Louvain (I) 511
29 Henrick die Lettersnider, Antwerp 513
30 Govaert Bac, Antwerp 515
31 Adriaen van Liesvelt, Antwerp 561
32 Hugo Janszoon van Woerden, Leiden 573
33 Canonici Regulares apud S. Michaelem in Den Hem, Schoonhoven 595
34 Roland van den Dorpe, Antwerp 604
35 Printer of the ‘Vita Lydwinae’ (Otgier Nachtegael?), Schiedam 625
36 Unknown printer, The Netherlands 632
37 Adriaen van Berghen, Antwerp 634

1. Index of printers
2. Index of ILC numbers referred to in the text
3. Index of woodcut numbers (Kok numbers) referred to in the text
4. Iconographical index
5. Index of other personal and geographical names

1. Kok - Conway concordance
2. Conway - Kok concordance
3. ILC - Campbell concordance
4. Campbell - ILC concordance

List of reference works quoted in abbreviated form

1. List of libraries and copies used
2. List of editions containing one or more woodcuts, though their exact number
and/or subject matter is unknown due to incompleteness of the surviving copies
or the disappearance of the unique copy
3. List of editions for which the presence of woodcuts could not be established due
to incompleteness of the surviving copies or the disappearance of the unique copy
4. List of woodcuts in editions in ILC order

Illustrations: woodcut numbers 1 - 79

Illustrations: woodcut numbers 80 - 323
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