Keukenhof: van Keukenduin tot Lentetuin

De wordingsgeschiedenis van Internationale Bloemententoonstelling Keukenhof

In 1949 one of the icons of the Dutch identity was founded in the western part of Holland: Keukenhof, nowadays known as the most beautiful spring garden in the world, famous worldwide for its beautiful landscaping with bulbflowers as its main focus.
This book describes the long and interesting history of this institution. Every possible aspect of this colourful history is scrutinously described, thus giving a balanced, complete and most interesting account. Many original illustrations and documents are illustrating this unique story, printed in full colour.
In Dutch, with English summaries.

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Biographical Note
Maarten Timmer (1942) is part of a Breezands bulb growers family. He studied in Wageningen and worked (1967) as a researcher and as the head of department at the ‘Laboratorium voor Bloembollenonderzoek’ (laboratory for bulb research) in Lisse. He became part of the ministry of agriculture as a consultant for the horticulture in Hoorn in 1981. After the abolition of this job in 1990, he became a consultant for agriculture in Noord-Holland (in Haarlem, also for the ministry of agriculture). After the abolition of that job in 1995, he was operative up to 2002 as a senior policy officer at a regional management of the ministry of agriculture. From birth and during its whole operative life Maarten Timmer has had much to do with bulbs: by means of research, education (manager), information (as a consultant he managed a regional public relations department) and by means of policy. Timmer studied the history of horticulture in general and bulb growing in particular. He has published several papers on this subject. Arie Dwarswaard (1962) works for the KAVB as a copy editor for the specialist journal BloembollenVisie. This magazine is published in Lisse with cooperation of the CNB (The Coöperatieve Nederlandse Bloembollencentrale, a professional, customer-oriented mediator in bulbs, tubers and perennials). He grew up in a bulb growers family and inherited his love for the profession. He has published many times on the history of the flower bulb in Holland.
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