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Christlich-feministische Exegese in Auseinandersetzung mit Antijudaismus


Editors: Schottroff and Wacker
Since 1986 feminist theologians in Germany have been engaged in public discussion of anti-Judaism. The feminist approach to the Bible is right at the centre of this discussion. The analysis of “anti-Jewish” tendencies in both Testaments is notoriously difficult. In the case of texts which are particularly uncomfortable for women, it is even more difficult to make progress.
Thirteen leading feminist Christian exegetes writing in German take up various themes for discussion (law, violence, impurity etc.), define the problem of anti-Judaism particular to each of these themes, situate it in the history of investigation and examine a particular text, looking for ways of overcoming an anti-Jewish interpretation without underplaying the genuine problems of the text.
The book is for all those interested in feminism, both women and men, and those engaged in Jewish/Christian dialogue, and is suitable for use as a textbook.

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Biographical Note

Luise Schottroff, D.Phil. (1960), Habil. (1969), is Professor of New Testament at the University of Kassel. She has published widely on the social history of Early Christianity, liberation theology and feminist theology. Marie-Theres Wacker, D.Phil. (1982), Habil. (1995), is Guest Professor for Feminist Theology and Exegesis at the University of Bamberg. Her interests lie in feminist hermeneutics and interpretation of the Hebrew Bible, the history of religions and Jewish-Christian dialogue.

Review Quotes

' This excellent book serves not only to analyze the roots of anti-Judaism in Christianity but also to expose the way in which oppressive methods of exegesis were used to "keep women in their place".' Sanrie van Zyl, Religious Studies Review, 1999.


Students of religion/theology, people engaged in Jewish-Christian dialogue, people interested in feminist theology, students as well as teachers of the indicated subjects.

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