The Atlas Blaeu-Van der Hem of the Austrian National Library: The World of a Seventeenth-Century Collector


In The World of a Seventeenth-Century Collector, Erlend de Groot describes the life and works of the Dutch lawyer Laurens van der Hem (1621-1678) as the collector and composer of the famous Atlas Blaeu-Van der Hem. He gives a unique insight in the relations of a collector and his decisions in collecting and composing his well-known 46 volumes copy of Blaeu's famous Atlas Major and placing the Atlas in its historical, cultural and artistic context.
De Groot describes the life and family of Van der Hem, followed by chapters about the prints and drawings and an historical survey. Furthermore the assembly of the atlas and the contents and arangements of the atlas are described. He completes his work with accounts of the history of collector's atlases in the Netherlands and the purpose and significance of the Atlas Blaeu-Van der Hem. The book is completed with a bibliography and indices of persons and of plates discussed in this work from the Atlas Blaeu-van der Hem.
Extend your series of the Catalogue of the Atlas Blaeu-Van der Hem of the Austrian National Library. Illustrated and annotated catalogue, now with this additional 7th volume about the world of the collector Laurens van der Hem.
Erlend de Groot finished his thesis on Laurens van der Hem and his Atlas in 2001. His dissertation was awarded with 2 prices: a ‘Praemium Studiorum’ by the Foundation Praemium Erasmianum (2001) for excellent dissertations in the field of the humaniora; and the ‘Karel van Mander prize’ (2002) for the best study in the history of art, 1999-2002.

Erlend de Groot is also one of the compilers of the Descriptive Catalogue of the Atlas Blaeu van der Hem in 6 volumes (1996-2006).
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