Chinese Poetic Modernisms


This volume of fourteen essays explores Chinese poetic modernism in all its facets, from its origins in the 1920s through 21st century manifestations. Modernisms in the plural reflects the complexity of the ideas and forms which can be associated with this literary-historical term. The volume’s contributors take a variety of focus points, from literary groups such as “9 Leaves” or “Bamboo Hat,” to individuals such as modernist sonneteer Feng Zhi 冯至, or Taiwan experimentalist Xia Yu 夏宇 (Hsia Yü), and Hong Kong modernist Leung Ping-kwan 梁秉钧, to non-biographically oriented chapters concerning modernist language, poetry and visual art, among other issues. Collectively, the volume endeavors to present as complete a picture of modernist practice in Chinese poetry as possible.

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Paul Manfredi, Ph. D. Indiana University, is currently Professor of Chinese and Chair of Chinese Studies Program at Pacific Lutheran University. His recent book is Modern Poetry in China: A Visual-Verbal Dynamic, Cambria Press, 2014.

Christopher Lupke, Ph. D. Cornell University, is Professor of Chinese Cultural Studies and Chair of East Asian Studies at the University of Alberta. His recent publications include The Sinophone Cinema of Hou Hsiao-hsien: Culture, Style, Voice, and Motion, Cambria Press, 2016, and translations of Xiao Kaiyu in Chinese Literature Today and Eleven Eleven.
"Manfredi and Lupke’s work certainly does not 'fill a gap.' There are many passages in their book that open new horizons of thinking about Chinese literature and beyond. We will also find many old topics constructively revisited. And whether discussing 'old' or 'new' material, the authors show a lot of subtle sensibility and respect to elusive poetic matter. All in all, helpfully informative, often challengingly innovative, and at times disquietingly provocative, Chinese Poetry Modernisms is a remarkable collection of high-quality scholarship."
– Joanna Krenz, Adam Mickiewicz University, in Modern Chinese Literature and Culture Online Book Reviews (November 2019)
List of Figures

Paul Manfredi and Christopher Lupke

part 1: Toward an Origin of Chinese Poetic Modernisms

1 The Origins and Historical Development of the Modernist Poets
Lan Dizhi 蓝棣之, translated by Paul Manfredi

2 From Du Fu to Rilke and Back: Feng Zhi’s Modernist Aesthetics and Poetic Practice
Géraldine Fiss

3 Drama-tic Synthesis: Time, Memory, and History in the Writings of the Nine Leaves Poets
Yanhong Zhu

4 The Classical Echo in Chinese Poetic Modernism
Dian Li

part 2: Modernist Poetry from Taiwan

5 Xia Yu and the Modernist Tradition in Taiwan
Michelle Yeh

6 Yu Guangzhong’s Modernist Spirit: From In Time of Cold War to Tug of War with Eternity
Chen Fangming, translated by Thomas Moran

7 Li and Modernism: The Development of a Poetry Journal
Ruan Meihui, translated by Yvonne Jia-Raye Yo and Paul Manfredi

part 3: Bridging Borders in Contemporary Poetry

8 The Poetics of Exile: The Cases of Shang Qin and Bei Dao
Nikky Lin

9 National Myth and Global Aesthetics: Reading Yeats alongside Chinese Poetic Modernism
Christopher Lupke

10 Measure Words Not for Measure: A Linguistic Experiment in Modern Chinese Poetry
Lisa Lai-ming Wong

part 4: Reconceptualizations of Poetry in the Post-Mao Era

11 Network Analysis as a Modernist Intervention: The Case of Chinese Poetry Readings
Nick Admussen

12 Modernist Waves: Yang Lian, John Cayley, and the Location of Global Modernism in the Digital Age
Jacob Edmond

13 Annotating the Aporias of History: The “International Style,” Chinese Modernism, and World Literature in Xi Chuan’s Poetry
Lucas Klein

14 Modernist Literati: Abstract Art of Contemporary Chinese Poets
Paul Manfredi

All interested in the subject of literary modernism, particularly where poetry is concerned. The book will also be useful for all students of modern and contemporary Chinese literature.
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