Aquatic Plants in Britain and Ireland

Authors: C.D. Preston and J.M. Croft
Over the past 50 years, major changes have taken place in the distribution of aquatic plants in Europe. Many species have declined whilst other species have increased in abundance or spread, including several that were originally introduced from the New World. Despite the relative richness of the aquatic flora of Britain and Ireland, it is a neglected area of study.
This book is not an identification manual but provides a summary of the distribution, habitat and reproductive biology of 200 taxa in 72 genera, with individual distribution maps, and also summarizes their distribution overseas.

Aquatic Plants in Britain and Ireland is a joint project of the Institute of Terrestrial Ecology (now the Centre for Ecology & Hydrology), Monks Wood, the Joint Nature Conservation Committee and the Environment Agency.

This paperback was originally published by Harley Books (B.H. & A. Harley Ltd), Colchester, UK, in hardback in 1997 under ISBN 0 946589 55 0 and in paperback in 2001 under ISBN 0 946589 69 0.

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Christopher D. Preston, M.A., Botanist, Biological Records Centre, ITE. An active field botanist with a specific interest in aquatic plants. Author of Pondweeds of Great Britain and Ireland and other botanical publications, and an editor of the Journal Watsonia.

Jane M. Croft, BSc, Botanist, Biological Records Centre, ITE. With her co-author, currently working with the BSBI and the Department of the Environment on the Atlas 2000 project, aimed at completing a comprehensive new atlas of British vascular plants by the year 2000.
This is an essential work for all people concerned with ecology and management of freshwater. - C.D.K. Cook, Watsonia