Culture and Religion in Merovingian Gaul, A.D. 481-751


Although often depicted as a barbaric and uncivilised society, in the full pejorative meaning of these words, Merovingian Gaul was clearly a Christian society and a direct continuation of the Roman civilisation in terms of social standards, morals and culture.
Using insights provided by social history, archaeology, palaeography and anthropology, this book studies the problem of Christianisation in early Medieval Gaul from a cultural point of view. While exploiting a huge range of primary and secondary material, Dr. Hen does not confine himself to a functional analysis of various cultural and religious activities in Merovingian Gaul, but goes on to assess the consequences and implications of such activities for the people themselves, and for the subsequent developments in the Carolingian period.

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Yitzhak Hen, Ph.D. (1994) in Medieval History, University of Cambridge, teaches medieval history at the University of Haifa. He has published several papers on Merovingian history.
' an impressive synthesis of modern scholarship on the religious culture of Merovingian invaluable resource for early medievalists.'
Paul Fouracre, Ecclesiastical History, 1997. faut souligner la qualité de cet essai.
Michèle Gaillard, Revue Mabillon, 1998.
'...such an interesting and useful piece of work...'
William Klingshirn, The Medieval Review, 1999.
All those interested in Early Medieval Church history, Frankish history, popular culture in Early Medieval Europe, and liturgists.
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