The Art Market in Rome in the Eighteenth Century

A Study in the Social History of Art


Recent interest in the economic aspects of the history of art have taken traditional studies into new areas of enquiry. Going well beyond provenances or prices of individual objects, our understanding of the arts has been advanced by research into the demands, intermediaries and clients in the market.
Eighteenth-century Rome offers a privileged view of such activities, given the continuity of remarkable investments by the local ruling class, combined with the decisive impact of external agents, largely linked to the Grand Tour. This book, the result of collaboration between international specialists, brings back into the spotlight protagonists, facts and dynamics that have remained unexplored for many years.

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Paolo Coen, Ph.D (2001), is Professor of Art History and Museum Studies at the University of Teramo. He has published monographs, essays and articles on the Roman ‘art system’, which span from the seventeenth to early nineteenth century.
"Taken together, the essays in this collection offer a valuable overview of the context, dynamics, procedures, means and protagonists of the flourishing art world of Rome in the era of the Grand Tour."
Adriano Aymonino, in: Journal of the History of Collections (April 2022)

"Der inspirierende Sammelbd. gibt profunde Einblicke in die Strukturen und Mechanismen des Kunstmarktes in Rom, er stellt die Akteure und zum Verkauf stehende Kunstobjekte vor. Der Perspektivenreichtum der Beiträge gibt impulse für weitere Arbeiten – nicht nur zum römischen, sondern generell zum Kunstmarkt. Gerade die vielseitige Herangehensweise an das Thema macht deutlich, dass interdisziplinäres Denken, verbunden mit innovativen Ansätzen, neue und anregende Einblicke in den römischen Kunstmarkt geben kann."
Hannelore Putz, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München in: Frühe Neuzeit

"The essays presented here, particularly those that evoke this wider frame, offer a solid and welcome foundation for further work on this important and still under-studied topic."
Jeffrey Collins, Bard Graduate Center, in: Journal of Art Historiography (no. 23, Dec. 2020)
Contributors: Renata AGO, Brian ALLEN, Peter BURKE, Maria Teresa CARACCIOLO, Patrizia CAVAZZINI, Paolo COEN, Valter CURZI, Daniela GALLO, Raffaella MORSELLI, Giovanna PERINI FOLESANI
All interested in the history and art of Rome, especially in the late Baroque and Neoclassical period.
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