Trouble in the University

How the Education of Health Care Professionals Became Corrupted


In Trouble in the University, Mildred A. Schwartz analyzes how changes in U.S. higher education affecting the health care professions and in the relations between universities and the state have created conditions that can give rise to corruption. Explanations for how the connections between changing conditions and organizational structures can lead to illegal and unethical behavior are uncovered through the study of the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. Because that University's experiences were not unique, they can be used to demonstrate how higher education has become vulnerable to corruption. Identification of the structural and cultural sources of corruption also suggests possible ways it could be avoided.
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Biographical Note

Mildred A. Schwartz, Ph.D. (1965), Columbia University, is Professor Emerita of Sociology at the University of Illinois at Chicago, Visiting Scholar at New York University, and 2012-13 network fellow at the Edward J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard University. A political sociologist, she has moved from her past work on political organizations to her current interest in the organization of higher education in the health fields and its tendencies to corruption.

Table of contents

Acknowledgments 1. The Corruption of Higher Education Encountering Corruption Justifying a Label Existing Explanations of Corruption Outline of the Book 2. Sickness in the Midst of Health The Origins of UMDNJ UMDNJ Corrupted An Unhealthy Example 3. Educational Conditions and Environments Higher Education Medical Education The Role of the State Anticipated Impact Explaining Organizational Corruption 4. UMDNJ’s Core Organization Core Actors Relations within the Core Vulnerability within the Core 5. UMDNJ’s Network Organization The Network Defined New Jersey Government State Oversight Agencies Status-Conferring Agents Community-Based Actors Vulnerability in the Network Organizational Vulnerability 6. Reorganization and Breakup McGreevey’s Plan Christie’s Plan Death and Afterlife 7. How the Education of Health Care Professionals Became Corrupted Explaining How UMDNJ Became a ‘School for Scandal’ UMDNJ as an Exemplar of Global Corruption Assigning Blame Lessons from UMDNJ References Index


Those interested in higher education, health care education, organizations and their dysfunctions, public administration, public policy, political and systemic corruption. Anyone concerned with New Jersey politics.