Participation and Substantiality in Thomas Aquinas


Author: te Velde
Participation and Substantiality in Thomas Aquinas presents a comprehensive and penetrating account of Aquinas' metaphysics of creation. Its main focus is the concept of participation of being. On the basis of a detailed textual analysis a philosophical interpretation is offered of the main concepts and arguments which underlie Thomas' theocentric understanding of reality.
The central unifying theme of the book is the apparent tension between the notion of participation (central to the Platonic tradition) and that of substance (central to the Aristotelian tradition). The author argues that Aquinas is quite successful in bringing together in his metaphysics on the one hand the substantiality of finite beings and on the other hand their total dependency upon the divine being by way of participation.
The author defends his interpretation in a critical discussion of the views on participation brought forward by well-known Aquinas scholars such as Geiger and Fabro.

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Rudi A. te Velde, Ph.D. (1991) in Philosophy, Free University of Amsterdam, lectures in Philosophy at the Department of Theology of the Catholic University Brabant (The Netherlands). He has written several articles on Thomas Aquinas and edited a translation of texts on metaphysics of Thomas and Aristotle.
' ...a new Thomistic scholar bringing such knowledge and deep understanding of the texts to the Thomistic tradition...will challenge other scholars to issue their corrections.' Desmond J. Fitzgerald, The Thomist, 1997. ' ...s'applique à un problème fondamental trop rarement étudié...l'entreprise de l'A. a vraiment atteint son but...l'ourvrage, qui s'applique à une question dificile mais importante de la pensée du Docteur angéliquw, mérite attention.' É.H. Wéber, Revue des Sciences Philos. & Theol., 1996. ' ...un travail impeccable de facture, rigoureux, parfaitement informé et convaincant en tous points...' Emmanual Tourpe, Revue Philosophique de Louvain, 1996.
List of Abbreviations General Introduction Part 1 The Tension between Substance and Participation Introduction I. Participation and Question of the Good II. The Threefold Goodness of Created Being III. Participation Accodring to Subject and Accident IV. The Foundation of the Good in Being V. The Application of Participation to Being Part Two Participation and the Casuality of Creation VI. The divine Similitude in Created Being VII. The Participation Argument for Creation VIII. The Progress of Philosophical Reason towards Creation IX. The Order of Causality between God and Nature X. The Community of Being and the Question of its Differentiation Part 3 Degrees of Participation and the Question of Substantial Unity Introduction XI. Forms as Principle of the Order of Being XII. Form as Principle of the Unity of Being XIII. The Unity in God of Being, Living and Understanding Epilogue Bibliography Index Personarum et Rerum
The book is intended to be of use to scholars interested in the thought of Thomas Aquinas, the history of metaphysics and scholastic theology.