A Companion to the Abbey of Saint Victor in Paris


Bringing together the research of several eminent scholars, A Companion to the Abbey of Saint Victor in Paris seeks to provide a deep introduction to the significance, scope, and reach of the abbey’s influence in the twelfth century and beyond. Sixteen chapters introduce the history of the abbey from its beginnings through the reception of its major writings. Chapters are grouped in the areas of the life and ministry of Victorine canons, the abbey’s contributions to biblical exegesis, sacramental and theological teachings, and the Victorine understanding of Christian life and prayer. Such a thorough introduction to the Abbey of Saint Victor has never before been published.

Contributors are: David Albertson, Rainer Berndt, Boyd Taylor Coolman, Marshall Crossnoe, Torsten K. Edstam, Christopher P. Evans, Margot E. Fassler, Hugh Feiss, Karin Ganss, Franklin T. Harkins, Donna R. Hawk-Reinhard, C. Stephen Jaeger, Juliet Mousseau, Dominique Poirel, Patrice Sicard, and Frans van Liere.

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Hugh Feiss, OSB STD (1980), Anselmianum. Recent publications: with R. Pepin and M. O’Brien: Lives of the Monastic Reformers I: Robert of Chaise-Dieu and Stephen of Obazine; II: Savigny (Collegeville: Cistercian, 2010, 2014); Sermons of the Liturgical Year, Victorine Texts in Translation, 8 (Turnhout: Brepols, forthcoming).
Juliet Mousseau, Ph.D. (2007), Saint Louis University, is associate professor of church history at the Aquinas Institute of Theology. Her previous publications include Adam of Saint Victor: Sequences (Peeters, 2013).
“Feiss and Mousseau’s Companion to the Abbey of Saint Victor in Paris marks a milestone in modern scholarship on this prominent medieval monastery and its heritage, and it deserves a place on the shelves of every major research library.” Benjamin Pohl, University of Bristol. In: Speculum, Vol. 94, No. 4 (October 2019), pp. 1150-1151.
Notes on Contributors

1. Introduction. "Devout, Learned, and Virtuous": The History and Histories of the Order of Saint Victor
Marshall Crossnoe

Life and Ministry at Saint Victor

2. Daily Life at the Abbey of Saint Victor
Juliet Mousseau
3. Victorine Humanism
C. Stephen Jaeger
4. Hugh of Saint Victor's Pedagogy
Donna R. Hawk-Reinhard
5. Pastoral Ministry: Preaching and Confession
Hugh Feiss

The Interpretation of the Scriptures

6. Exegesis in Quest of Progress: A Study of Hugh of Saint Victor's Cronica and Notule Super Pentateucum et Librum Regum
Rainer Berndt
7. Following in the Footsteps of Hugh: Exegesis at Saint Victor, 1142-1242
Frans van Liere
8. Scripture and the Development of Scholastic Theology: Robert of Melun's Questiones de divina pagina in Context
Franklin T. Harkins

Sacraments and Theology

9. Sacraments
Dominique Poirel
10. Victorine Christology: A Theology of the Homo Assumptus
Christopher P. Evans
11. Victorines on the Trinity
Hugh Feiss
12. Philosophy and Metaphysics in the School of Saint Victor: From Achard to Godfrey
David Albertson

Prayer and the Christian Life

13. The Victorines and Medieval Liturgy
Margot E. Fassler
14. Affectivity and Knowledge Lead to Devotion to God: A Historical-Theological Study of Hugh of Saint Victor’s De virtute orandi
Karin Ganss
15. Mystical Experience According to Hugh of Saint Victor: Principles, Foundations, and Types
Patrice Sicard
16. Magister in hierarchia: Thomas Gallus as Victorine Interpreter of Dionysius
Boyd Taylor Coolman
17. Conclusion. The Reception of the Victorines in Later Centuries
Torsten K. Edstam

Undergraduate and post-graduate students of medieval studies, academic libraries, and theologians and philosophers interested in the contributions of the twelfth-century Abbey of Saint Victor.